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Highly scored wines by Robert Parker

Robert Parker is considered to be one of the most influential critics and authorities on wine in the world.

What are Parker ratings and how do they work?

His scores have a significant impact on the prices of wines as they express the characteristics which give them their personality and a high Parker rating is a synonym of a top-quality wine on the world stage. Although Robert Parker retired in 2019, his team of experts at Robert Parker Wine Advocate continue his legacy.

The Robert Parker rating system gives wines a score between 50 and 100 points. The higher the score, the better the wine. Wines with ratings between 80 and 100 points are considered to be good quality wines worth trying, although, for questions of prestige, wineries tend to only publicize ratings of 90 points and over.

Robert Parker created this 100 point rating system himself in the early 1980s and, together with his team of experts, they have updated ratings every year. They believe that a simple numerical system is a way to compare wines consistently and professionally, to provide a quick and effective rating easy for both experts and beginners to understand.

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