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Cavas Llopart

Cavas LlopartCavas Llopart
Ex Vite Vita. 'Life comes from the vine', the definition of a winery with deep roots in the land and centuries of tradition.

Committed exclusively to wine production since the 18th Century, although dedicated to vine growing since 1385, Llopart is today a key name in the world of Cava, not only due to its excellent products (with the first dating back to 1887), but also for having been one of the definitive driving forces behind the recognition of Cava as a product of prestige and high quality. Even in the late 19th Century, Jaume Llopart Jorba and his son, Josep Llopart Massana, had opted for quality viticulture and low yields, which meant incorporating new methods to improve and develop the personality of their product. By the end of the 1950s, Pere Llopart Vinarós had gained it even more appreciation, relating its manufacture to encapsulating the essence of the land and the vine. From then on, tradition and respect for the land have been the values this winery has been linked to and which appear in the ancient document of the Heretat (Hacienda or Estate) Llopart that features as a label on certain of its Cavas.

The Heretat Llopart is comprised of 70 hectares divided into three parcels where bio-natural winemaking techniques are practised, employing viticultural methods that are sustainable and show respect for the environment, Apart from its excellent location and climatic conditions, the Llopart vineyards are favoured with a subsoil consisting of rocky layers of marine origin (the bodega's white wine, Clos dels Fòssils, get its name from this parcel), covered with alternate layers of sand, chalk and clay. Its mineral composition, with an abundance of phosphorus, silica, calcium and potassium, results in interesting growing conditions for the vines and their grapes, the local traditional varieties, which grow to be healthy, concentrated and of excellent quality.

Their products (nine Cavas, two white wines and a red wine) are made following the traditional method of hand-crafted processes and, over their centuries-old history, new technology has only been introduced when it has meant an improvement in quality. This has all resulted in the renown and high regard which Cava Llopart enjoys worldwide.

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