Vinissimus Privacy Policy

One of the key values of Vinissimus is the trust our customers have in our company. For this reason we would never exploit or misuse this trust. We scrupulously respect your privacy. The objective of Vinissimus is to help our customers make purchases as easily, safely and satisfactorily as possible. To this end, we need to request certain personal details from you which we save and protect in the same way we strive to protect your privacy.

We would also, of course, like to contact you from time to time to explain some of the offers we have, to help you choose more goods to purchase, or to request more information from you so as to personalize and improve your visits to our website. We also use this information for statistical purposes to improve our competitiveness. Let's be clear — we provide a retail service and our aim is to sell products, of course! But we aim to do this while taking care of our customer contacts and privacy. If any personal details are not needed, we will tell you so, or if you are no longer interested in receiving any part of our information, tell us and we will stop sending it to you.

Likewise, we hope our customers are honest with us too and help us achieve our objective by correctly and accurately providing any necessary information we request.

These thoughts sum up our commitment to our customers and form the basis for our privacy policy. For more details, read on. We hope we have explained clearly the different aspects of our policy.

Version 1.0, 25 May 2018

Who is in charge of handling my personal details?

All the personal details collected by the pages of are compiled in databases under the responsibility of Global Hispavinus, SL, owner of the brand name Vinissimus.

Global Hispavinus, SL, is a registered company in Spain, whose intra-community VAT number is ESB63665772 and which has its address at Òptica, 12, 08755 Castellbisbal (Spain). Our Data Protection Officer is Antonio Hugo Vicens Arasanz.

What kind of details do you collect?

We collect two kinds of personal details through the pages of personal details provided directly by the customer, and details collected automatically as the customer browses our webpage.

Personal details are collected confidentially and directly from our customers via the different forms to fill in on our website or via messages customers send to one of our contact addresses. These details include: email address, name and surnames, delivery and billing addresses, contact phone number, bank card details, date of birth, and the password the customer chooses. Not all of these details are strictly necessary for us to provide our services.

The automatically-collected data includes the following: IP address; device (computer, mobile phone, tablet), operating system, and browser used; and visitors log and browsing history via our own or third-party cookies.

What are my details used for?

We only use your email address with which you subscribed to the Vinissimus Newsletter to send you our newsletters with offers, promotions, new products, and other news related to the world of wine and the goods we sell at

If you have given us your email address for us to inform you when an out-of-stock product becomes available again, it will only be used for this purpose.

Email addresses registered with us to share information published on with a third party will only be used for this purpose.

Email addresses registered when you make an order, as well as the other personal details needed to provide the service requested (i.e. process and deliver the order following the customer's conditions), will only be used for this purpose, or to keep you informed about the status of your orders from, to inform you of any aspects related to your purchase or subscriptions, to inform you of questions relating to your personal details (for example, possible errors, or deadlines for personal details or services), or to inform you of updates regarding our date protection rules. As a supplement to our principal service — delivering your purchases — Vinissimus will also use your email address in a controlled and specific way to inform you of our different offers or other services. You can choose to unsubscribe and stop receiving this information at any time without affecting the main purpose of our communications with you.

Under no circumstances will this data be used to send publicity nor will it be given to third parties, except for those with whom Vinissimus has a contract necessary to provide their services, i.e. payment platforms or courier services. In each of these cases Global Hispavinus, SL, takes all necessary measures to guarantee the data privacy of users when this data is used by third parties.

The IP access address is used to provide each customer with the most appropriate service with regards to their geographical location and to compile information for statistical purposes for Vinissimus to be able to improve our services. This address is never passed on to third parties except for the external firm MaxMind (MaxMind, Inc., 14 Spring Street, 3rd Floor Waltham, MA 02451, US), responsible for carrying out a risk analysis for possible cases of fraud in bank card payments.

We use information about some technical aspects of your browsing on (device, operating system and browser used) in order to adapt our services better to each user's needs and for statistical purposes. Under no circumstances will this information be given to third parties.

Information compiled via browser cookies is used for these purposes (see our Cookies policy):

  • to identify you, the user, to save your decisions, allow you to carry out purchases, and provide a more personalized browsing of our website; it is not possible to make a purchase at if the cookies are disabled for this site
  • to follow your visits and compile a browsing history which enables firms providing external services or advertising companies to show personalized content from Vinissimus when you visit other websites which allow publicity; these cookies are not necessary to make purchases at They contain no personal details and you can avoid their use by changing the settings of your web browser and choosing the option of not accepting third-party cookies

Can I refuse to provide my personal details?

We request very few personal details at and most of them are essential for us to provide the service our customers have requested. Any personal details which are optional are marked as such and their purpose explained on our website. It is not necessary to provide these details if you don't want to.

Will my details be given to third parties?

As a general rule, your details will not be given to third parties without your agreement, unless it is for legal reasons or to carry out a service you have requested. As mentioned above, this will be closely controlled to ensure we only transfer the data absolutely essential for each case and making sure the third parties involved fulfil the current legislation regarding data protection.

In cases where you use our website to recommend our products to one of your contacts, Vinissimus will include your address as the sender of the information so that the recipient of our information knows who has sent them this recommendation.

Can I modify or eliminate my data?

As the subject of the personal details in question, you, the user, have the right to access, rectify, transfer, and delete your personal details. You also have the right to limit how they are used or refuse to allow them to be used. This means that you can access your details at any time to see what data we have compiled and modify or delete any details you wish. Depending on the data in question, this can be done directly via the personal area of My account, or by changing the cookies settings on your browser, or you can request us to do it either by email to, or by writing to the following address:

Data Protection
C/ Óptica, 12 (Pol. Ind. Santa Rita, 23)
08755 Castellbisbal (Spain)

As the subject of the data in question, you have the right to request that a copy of all the information we have compiled be sent to you in an easily accessible format.

If we do not reply to your request within the time limit set by law (10 days) or if you consider that our reply is inadequate, you have the right to appeal to the customer service department of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The right to cancel our use of your details means the immediate blocking of the data so that it is no longer used by us, but these details will continue to be available for public administration or judicial bodies for the investigation of possible legal responsibilities during the period in which the data was being used. Regarding data related to invoiced orders, the conservation period is of 6 years starting from the moment your account is cancelled or any of your details are deleted from your personal customer area. In the case of mails subscribing to the Vinissimus Newsletter, the time limit is 2 years from the date when you unsubscribed from the service. After these time limits, the relevant details will be deleted. The conservation period for the information collected via our own or third-party cookies will depend on your browser settings.

The right to cancel or delete your personal details cannot be exercised until the relevant contract you have with us has finalized — that is, until we have provided the service requested. For example, to cancel an account, your last order must have been either delivered or sent back, or to cancel payment details, any subscription contract to which these details are linked, must have finalized.

How can I find out more about privacy and data protection?

For more information regarding your citizen rights related to the processing of your personal details, or for any advice regarding the presentation of complaints or claims, or any other question connected to these issues, you can write to, of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, or consult the rules and obligations in the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD).

About Vinissimus

Toni Vicens
* Toni Vicens, Fundador

In 2005 Toni Vicens, a wine enthusiast and keen web programmer, set up Vinissimus with barely 100 wines in the catalogue.

Today, after more than a million bottles of wine sold, 80,000 orders processed and 102,000 clients all over Europe, Vinissimus operates sites in 5 countries, has 6,800 listed references and is the leader in online sales of Spanish wine in Europe.

At Vinissimus we take great care over each order to make sure that all goes to plan and that our customers receive their wines as soon as possible. Our own in-house technology for handling orders and our personal approach towards customer service work in tandem to provide total satisfaction.

Returns / Breakage Guarantee

If one of our products arrives in poor condition or you are simply not satisfied with it, you can return it to us with peace of mind. If a bottle breaks during transit, Vinissimus will ensure that another one is sent out to you.

Secure payment

Card payments are carried out using the 4B platform and encrypted with the SSL protocol in order to guarantee maximum security.

Payment can be made by means of a credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or cash on delivery.

Delivery times

Orders for the Spanish mainland are delivered within 2 to 3 working days of being placed. For the Balearic Islands, the delivery time is 3-4 days, and between 4 to 6 days for most destinations in other European countries. If the wine is in stock and the order is placed before 1pm Spanish time, it can be delivered to you in the UK 4 days later.

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Firma de Toni Vicens
Toni Vicens,
Founder of Vinissimus