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Perelada is a highly prestigious winery today, with a very complete range of wines, and an extensive group, behind whose success lies the exemplary business acumen of a family, the Suqué Mateu family, whose members have not only understood how to maximise the potential of the Empordá, the oldest wine-producing area of the Iberian peninsula, but have also helped immensely with its revitalisation.

Perelada's history as a winery began with the acquisition of the town of Perelada's castle, in the north of Catalonia, by Miguel Mateu in 1923. Don Miguel had inherited the business insight of his father, Damián Mateu, co-founder of the Hispano-Suiza car manufacturing company, and turned his passion for the wine world into another of his successful pursuits. Don Miquel reinstated its wine-making past to the Perelada Castle estate lands and converted part of the ancient building into a place of exposition for his art collections (paintings, ceramics, glass and a library which still currently provides a repository for items of incalculable worth); wine, art and culture will forever be a constant in this family. On his death, his son-in-law Arturo Suqué took up the company's reins, initiating a profound transformation which has positioned the winery amongst the most prestigious in the country, until he handed over control to his son Javier, at the end of the 1980s. Javier Suqué was responsible for purchasing new vines, expanding the estate's vineyards to improve quality standards, and instigating a definite commitment to innovation and research. Under Javier Suqué's direction, Perelada strengthened its good name in the sector of wine production and was at the forefront of the spectacular resurgence of the Empordà wine-making region.

The Perelada wines have identity and convey both history and landscape. Their wines are not only impregnated with the landscape and rich in countryside aromas (thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, pine...), in particular its Finca Wines are complex and true reflections of the terroir; but also its brands and labels are intrinsically linked to their local setting, the area's wine-growing past or to the activities of patronage, cultural or communal, to which the group is connected: Gran Claustro (alluding to the Carmelite convent attached to the castle), the Jardins and Cigonyes ranges (drawing attention to the storks which nest in the castle gardens, designed by the Parisian landscape architect François Duvillers in the 19th Century), the Blanc Pescador brand name (a homage to the Costa Brava's fishermen), the Collection Blanc (whose label depicts reproductions of some of the Glassware Collection's exclusive items), and each of the Finca Wines, with their own individual designations: Malaveïna, La Garriga, Espolla and Garbet.

Another of Perelada's attributes lies in having known how to reach all consumers, offering exclusive wines, such as the emblematic Finca Garbet, but also catering for the wider-ranging public with more reasonably priced lines. Perelada can lay claim to such strongly identifiable brands as Gran Claustro and Blanc Pescador, an original semi-sparkling wine and one of the top-selling whites in Spain.

Perelada wines are presently exported to over 56 countries and within the group other projects exist beyond the Empordà: Casa Gran del Siurana, in the Priorat; Finca La Melonera, in Málaga; Bodegas Fin de Siglo in Rioja.

  • Year founded1976
  • Own vineyards:174
  • EnologistDelfí Sanahuja

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