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La Montesa


La Montesa is a well-defined, refined wine, signed by the Palacios family, wine artisans wherever th...

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Wine La Montesa 2018


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0.75 L - 2018


La Montesa is a well-defined, refined wine, signed by the Palacios family, wine artisans wherever they make it, in the Priorat, Bierzo or La Rioja. With a little more Grenache added to each vintage, it is a flavoursome and refreshing wine, raised on the radiant slopes of Mount Yerga, in the highest part of the Alfaro municipality, in 'La Rioja Oriental'. In the words of Luis Gutiérrez, "The quality/price champion 2018".

La Montesa is produced from vineyards covering over 90 hectares of chalky-clay soils in Rioja Oriental (previously known as Rioja Baja) at a height of 550 metres above sea level. The pebble-covered soils are worked using organic agriculture methods and enjoy a clearly Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influences which emphasize day/night temperature differences. Yields are kept low to ensure the wine's quality. Grapes are harvested by hand early in the morning during most of the month of October, and the must ferments with wild yeast under the watchful eye of Álvaro Palacios. It is then macerated with skins for 35-40 days and aged in wood. Finally, the wine is bottled just as it comes, unfiltered, unclarified and unstabilized.

Ever since the 2017 vintage, La Montesa vines have held the official organic agriculture certificate. Hours of work and effort have gone into making it one of the organic wines with the largest production in the world.

It has a moderately dense claret colour and delights the nose with wild red fruits, flowers, and spicy hints from its time in wood. Elegantly tantalizing in the mouth, it is a fine, fresh, subtle and delicate wine offering polished tannins and intense and deep flavours – toasted notes also appear, alongside hints of undergrowth and fallen leaves. Despite its large-scale production (650,000 bottles a year), La Montesa is a guarantee of quality year after year, deservedly winning its place among the list of best-value-for-money wines. A wine worth so much more than its price.

Food pairing

Roast suckling pig / Rabbit with mushrooms / Roasted poultry


  • Soil:Calcareous-clay
  • Climate:Mediterranean with atlantic influence


  • Vinification material:Wood
  • Ageing period:12 months
  • Type of wood:French and american oak


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 14ºC and 16ºC

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by: Font (4 May) - Vintage 2018

Balanced wine

Very nice fruty wine with medium body and little tanins. Very fresh in mounth

by: wade gustafson (22 Apr) - Vintage 2018


I suspect this is fast becoming one of the jewels of the recently re-christened Rioja Orientale. Surprise, surprise, it is not a Temperanillo blend, but almost pure (95%) Garnacha grown higher up in the far east of La Rioja close to the border with Navarre. It has a beautiful deep ruby colour and is silky smooth on the palate. I managed to get a half case on offer for under €10.00 per bottle - which is extraordinary value for red wines under the care of the Palacios dynasty. Will be buying by the full case next time.

by: Andre (30 Mar) - Vintage 2018

Good quality / price

Great wine for the offered quality. Enjoy it with your friends.

by: Avelino Bernaldo de Quiros Gonzalez (4 Jun) - Vintage 2018

Quizá le falte un poco de cuerpo.

En mi opinión le falta un poco de cuerpo.Sabor muy agradable.Se bebe bien.

by: Heinz Gerritzen (27 May) - Vintage 2018

Hervorragender Rioja

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