Recaredo Terrers Brut Nature 2017

Recaredo Terrers Brut Nature


Recaredo is synonymous with quality, high quality, rigour, elegance and tastefulness. Today, as in y...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Cava Recaredo Terrers Brut Nature 2017


Alcohol content i


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2017


Recaredo is synonymous with quality, high quality, rigour, elegance and tastefulness. Today, as in years past, putting a bottle of Recaredo on the table does us credit as hosts and assures us the satisfaction of our guests. The excellence of the Recaredo Cavas has surprised quite a few on tasting, especially blind, alongside some of the most famous and well-reputed Champagnes.

Its good name has not come by chance nor from a mere day's work. This winery, approaching a hundred years old, has maintained a style of its own right from the start, showing great professionalism and sincerity, with an artisan approach and a high regard for each process, starting in the vineyard and on through production, ageing, disgorgement... Full attention to detail, devoted to end consumer satisfaction.

Its entry or most affordable Cava is known as Recaredo Terrers, a Brut Nature Cava as all Recaredo Cavas, made without the addition of sugar. Quite remarkable, despite being completely dry, is its amazing loveliness and smoothness on the palate, something which is only achieved with excellent grape maturity and very lengthy ageing; in fact all their Cavas are Gran Reservas as well. In addition, some of the base wines ferment and age in oak barrels, endowing structure, complexity and refinement to the final coupage. All in all, large and small details, such as the use of natural cork stoppers during ageing, disgorging each bottle by hand without the need for freezing the neck and the date of disgorgement on the back label, which ultimately contributes to the creation of an excellent product — one that never has a single drop left in the bottle. By the way, don't worry if you've got a bottle hidden away in the cellar, the longevity of all these Cavas is guaranteed.

Recaredo Terrers is a Cava with very fine bubbles which slowly rise upwards in the glass. Visually delightful to be sure on a Champagne flute, but if you're wanting to enjoy all its complexity, we suggest you drink it like a very fine wine, in a wide glass. Then you will appreciate on the nose the minerality of the terroir, those calcareous soils, and be seduced by its freshness of ripe white fruit, shrouded in very subtle smoky notes, a gentle floral perfume, and a background of bitter almonds which confers a special character. This is a superior Cava, although the range’s starting point.

On the palate it is simply majestic. It is creamy, but glides lightly over the tongue. Savour it in the mouth, that delicious mousse, with a very refined carbonic presence. After a slight temperature rise in the glass, the quality of the base wine becomes more evident, and some delightful floral notes appear, fresh country aromas such as fennel, and the creaminess still remains, constantly kept in check by an acidity achieving the requisite balance.

Food pairing

All kinds of dishes


  • Soil:Limestone
  • Climate:Mediterranean
  • Yields:Low yields


  • Ageing period:40 months

Tasting notes

  • ViewBright / Fine bubbles / Pale yellow
  • Bouquet:Floral notes / White fruit / Mineral
  • Mouth:Persistent / Fresh / Long / Rich / Balanced acidity


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 8ºC and 10ºC

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by: Lutz (6 May) - Vintage 2017


Cava der Sonderklasse, leider zu schnell getrunken....:-)

by: Gigel (2 Apr) - Vintage 2017

Great Taste

This cava is not cheap but it has a very round and complex taste.

by: Jesus (25 Feb) - Vintage 2017

Un gran descubrimiento

Un cava espectacular. Muy recomendable. Lo descubrí el año pasado por una recomendación de un compañero de trabajo.

by: David Harker (22/06/2020) - Vintage 2016

Distinctive Cava

A Cava that shows real distinction and quality with an earthy character

by: Víctor Manuel Leon Sanchez (18 Jan) - Vintage 2016


Un cava con burbuja fina, en boca frutas del árbol.

Cava Recaredo

Cava Recaredo

Recaredo is and has constantly been synonymous with quality, praised for its fine merits: profound, complex, silky, lively and elegant Cavas, with a lengthy lifetime ahead for the most sublime. These Cavas are made from grapes originating solely from their own vineyards, grown organically and bio-dynamically (both certified), without the addition of sugar (always Brut Nature) and with very long ageing in bottle (always Gran Reserva), using natural cork and with disgorgemen...

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