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The name "gewürztraminer" is composed of the adjectives "gewürz", i.e. "spicy" in the more general sense of "aromatic", and "traminer", i.e. "from Tramin", an Italian village located along the upper Adige valley. In fact, many consider gewürztraminer to be native to Tramin, where one of the best crus of this grape variety can still be found today, although we must not exclude more Nordic, Alsatian or German origins in the Rhine valley. Defined traminer since 1349, it is a grape variety that does not like hot climates. Aromatic grape par excellence, in Italy it is widespread especially in Alto Adige, with the best results, but also in Friuli, Trentino and Veneto.

Capable of high sugar concentration and therefore abundant pseudo-heat, Italian gewürztraminer expresses itself with stark Mediterranean nuances, unlike its big Alsatian and German brothers, which instead give more ethereal and subtle sensations. Straw-yellow in colour, the bouquet is fruity, floral and vegetal, with typical notes of lychee, exotic and yellow pulp fruit, acacia flowers and aromatic herbs. With a generally imposing structure, even if aged, as per the tradition, in steel only, it is still fresh and sapid, even if supported by great softness. In the best expressions it is balanced by almond aftertaste notes.

As in Alsace and Germany, gewürztraminer is expressed with incomparable class in late harvest with noble rot. It is a wine of high sugar concentration and extraordinary complexity, with a generally low alcohol content but an exceptional glyceric contribution. Very soft, in short, but supported, thanks to the altitude, by great freshness and minerality. The bouquet is ethereal, where very subtle and elegant date, iodine and vegetable notes prevail, which complete the picture of one of the greatest botrytised wines in Italy and beyond.

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