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Cookies policy

Cookies are small pieces of information which web page servers send to users’ browsers so that they can recognise you, store any decisions you make and provide you with a personalised navigation service.

Vinissimus makes use of first and third party cookies on its web pages, for the following purposes:

  • to provide you, the user, with a personalised navigation service, adapting to your preferences the information displayed both in certain sections of our portal, and also on pages of other sites agreeing to advertise;
  • to store decisions made and any user responses submitted, such as confirmation of the age of majority, the choice of language for navigation, the displaying of prices in Euros or Pounds Sterling on the UK website, participation in competitions or surveys...; by this means, we ensure that you avoid having to respond again to the same questions on future visits;
  • to identify you, the user, to save your decisions, allow you to carry out purchases, and provide a more personalized browsing of our website; it is not possible to make a purchase at ${site} if the cookies are disabled for this site;
  • to gather information about the accessing of our website's various pages for statistical purposes.

To find out whether your browser accepts or blocks Vinissimus cookies, or to remove them if you so wish, you can check the configuration of your browser settings (in the Preferences section). Here are the links to the different pages explaining how to enable and disable cookies in your browser:

However, you should be aware that if you block Vinissimus cookies the products you add to your shopping cart will not be registered nor will you be able to access any of the services that require a login, such as finalising an order or altering any of your account details.

Although Vinissimus utilises third-party cookies to make user navigation of our portal more personal, under no circumstances would personal information be made available to the providers of those services.

You will find more information about cookies in the following Wikipedia article: Cookie