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Palacios-Remondo Propiedad 2020

Palacios-Remondo Propiedad 2020

Red Wine Rioja


(£27.12 x3)

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Tannins in Wine

Tannins in Wine

What are tannins in wine? How can we appreciate them? Which wines are high in tannins? In this article we explain what tannins are and their role in wine.

Rapolao, a special site, a cru in the Bierzo

Rapolao, a special site, a cru in the Bierzo

Rapolao is the name of a vineyard situated in Valtuille, known for having been the first ‘paraje’ or specific site to appear on several Bierzo wine labels. A vineyard shared by different vine growers-winemakers, which characteristically provides wines of great delicacy, in the Burgundy style.

What are natural wines?

What are natural wines?

How is a natural wine made? Are natural wines organic and biodynamic? What are the benefits of natural wines? Can they be laid down? In this article we reply to all these and some other questions.

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