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Wines For Christmas Dinner

Elevate Your Festive Feast with Our Curated Selection of Exquisite Wines

Christmas dinner

Welcome to Your Ultimate Christmas Wine Guide!

Christmas is just around the corner, and as the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to replenish your wine stocks. Ensure your festive celebrations are complete with the perfect bottle of wine to compliment your Christmas dinner.

Vinissimus is here to guide you through the exquisite world of wines, helping you make the perfect choice for your festive feast. Join us on a culinary adventure and explore our extensive range of festive wines, meticulously selected and tasted to ensure we bring you the best of the best.

Choosing the Right Wine

A great meal deserves a great wine, and this rings especially true during the holiday season. However, with so many options available, selecting the right wine can be a daunting task. Fear not, for we have gathered essential tips and recommendations to guide you through this process, ensuring a harmonious union between your meal and your chosen bottle.

Understanding Basic Tastes

The key to a perfect pairing lies in understanding the interplay between the four basic tastes: sweet, bitter, salty, and sour.

  • Sweetness: If your dish has a sweet component, opt for a wine with equal or greater sweetness to complement the flavours.
  • Saltiness: Salty dishes work well with sweet or fruity wines, enhancing the flavours.
  • Acidity: A balanced acidity in your wine can complement highly acidic dishes, bringing out the fruity character of the wine.
  • Bitterness: Avoid pairing bitter wines with bitter foods to maintain a harmonious balance.


Christmas Dinner Pairings

Traditional Christmas Dinner

Embark on a festive culinary journey with our specially curated wine pairings for your Christmas dinner.


Red Wine for the Main Course

A classic choice for turkey and its accompaniments, we recommend red wines with good acidity and minimal oak influence. Opt for a Pinot Noir or a Gamay to enhance the flavours of the various meats and balance the richness of the accompaniments.


Sparkling Wines for a Festive Touch

Elevate your celebration with a bottle of Champagne or Cava, perfect for pairing with savoury dishes.

Sweet Wines for Desserts

Complement your Christmas desserts with our selection of sweet wines.

  • Plum Pudding:
  • Mince Pie:

Explore, Enjoy, and Celebrate with Vinissimus

Browse our extensive selection, discover the world of fine wines, and ensure your Christmas is a culinary delight. At Vinissimus, we are committed to bringing you the best, enhancing your celebrations and creating memorable moments.

For a Christmas filled with joy, laughter, and the perfect bottle of wine, trust Vinissimus to be your guide.

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What type of wine is the most suitable to accompany Christmas dinner?
Red wine is an excellent choice to accompany Christmas dinner, as it usually goes well with hearty and tasty dishes.

Should I serve white or red wine with fish at Christmas dinner?
Generally, it is recommended to pair fish with white wines, such as a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc, as their acidity and freshness complement the flavours of the sea.

How long before I should open a bottle of wine before serving it at Christmas dinner?
Generally, it is recommended to open a bottle of red wine about an hour before service to allow it to aerate and develop all its aromas and flavours.

What type of wine goes best with vegetarian meals at Christmas?
Vegetables tend to have more subtle flavours, so young, fruity white wines, such as a Riesling or a Gewürztraminer, are a good choice for pairing with vegetarian meals.

Is it necessary to decant the wine before serving it at Christmas dinner?
It is not strictly necessary to decant the wine before serving it, but doing so can help to open up its aromas and soften any sediment that may have formed. However, if you do not have a decanting carafe, simply opening the bottle an hour before serving may also be sufficient.