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Viña Tondonia Reserva 2008

Viña Tondonia Reserva

Rioja (Spain)

Few wines command such respect as those of Viña Tondonia. Opening a bottle of Viña Tondonia nowadays...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2008


Alcohol content i


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2008


Few wines command such respect as those of Viña Tondonia. Opening a bottle of Viña Tondonia nowadays, especially one of their Grandes Reservas, has a touch of mystique. It’s like making a journey in slow time and in good company back into the past to enjoy the reality of the present; a similar feeling perhaps to what you feel on entering the labyrinth of their cellars, an amazingly impressive underground construction, and a perfect place for resting these wines replete with individuality and authenticity. If Viña Tondonia wines have enjoyed and continue to enjoy great prestige, it is not through mere chance; they have known how to establish and maintain their good name by effort, dedication and perseverance, creating and keeping the winery within their family circle.

But let us focus on the wine and without further ado open one of their Reservas. We can begin by asking ourselves: how many wines of this vintage can we still get hold of today, from Rioja or any other region? It is exceptional and demonstrates this house’s magnificence: only time and resting in the best conditions can ensure enjoyment of a great wine. That unhurried state, that slow evolution..., which makes us associate these ultra special wines with autumn and even winter; they inspire serenity, recollection, silence, as wines for reflection, with that touch of class. So let us indulge in a taste of luxury.

We finally open the bottle and its past is soon confirmed by the ruby red colour, evolved but still intense, now tinged with brick-red on the rim. A fine wine which, when brought close to the nose, utterly charms us with its refinement and subtlety. It releases gentle aromas, of ripe fruit, fresh and extremely pleasant aromas, with no harsh notes; everything is perfectly combined; once again, this is a fine wine. It caresses the palate on entry, yet not a wine to be termed complex, nor having a huge amount of body. However, what it does offer is a wonderful experience: it is an elegant and refined wine, sinewy and fresh, enveloping and balanced. A classic with personality, a classic brimming with life.

NOTE: Viña Tondonia was the house’s first brand name and intrinsically too the main vineyard - a beautiful vineyard covering more than 100 hectares, located on the right bank of the River Ebro, shaping the landscape with alluvial soils, limestone and black poplar trees, which the winery’s founder, Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta, planted in 1913-1914 out of a desire for quality assured, starting at the vineyard, where work is carried out manually.

Food pairing

Foie gras / Roast lamb / Roast suckling pig / Oven-baked quails


  • Vine age:100 years
  • Soil:Calcareous-clay / Gravel surface
  • Climate:Atlantic
  • Yields:Low yields


  • Vinification material:Wood
  • Ageing period:72 months
  • Barrel age:Used
  • Type of wood:American oak
  • Clarification and filtration:Unfiltered

Tasting notes

  • ViewRuby-red rim / Ruby red
  • Bouquet:Sweet spices / Fresh / Balsamic notes / Liquorice / Aniseed aromas
  • Mouth:Elegant / Persistent / Dry / Good acidity / Rounded


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 18ºC and 20ºC
  • Decanting:Decanting is recommended

Customer reviews

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by: MANEL PAÑOS (10 May) - Vintage 2008


No defrauda es un excelente reserva que según la añada aún es mejor

by: 111sirtoby (16 Feb) - Vintage 2007

Simply class

What more can you say about this Rioja, than its simply class? Works so so well on its own, but also together wity spicy dishes (and non spicy dishes too), like indian. Try!

by: G Constantinides (29/12/2020) - Vintage 2007

Consistent performance

I tasted both 2007 and 2006 of this wine. Admittedly I was more impressed with 2007 as there was more body and it was easier to distinguish aging notes. I will come back for more.

by: Barnaby (06/08/2020) - Vintage 2007

A stunner

Had a bottle of this in Cash Julian in Tolosa. Rioja royalty and never decant.

by: Alistair McPhail (31/07/2020) - Vintage 2007


Nice Rioja and excellent with hearty meat dishes. Recommended

Bodegas R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Bodegas R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Founded by Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta at the end of the 19th Century, R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia is still today a single-family winery, where the four generations that took the helm have carried on the philosophy, working practices and social maxims introduced by the founder. R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia is also these days one of the names commanding most respect and admiration amongst wineries producing “fine wi...

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