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Rioja Reserva

Wines in the Rioja Reserva category are released onto the market in their fourth year. These traditional wines have aged in oak barrels and bottle for a minimum of 36 months in total, or 24 months in the case of whites and rosés. You can find a very good selection of Rioja Reservas at the best price in our online shop.


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What are the best Rioja Reserva red wines?

If there is one wine that can be considered the archetype of Rioja Reserva, that would be Viña Tondonia Reserva, a sensational wine in every sense of the word. Next to it, two other great classics are Vina Ardanza and Marques de Murrieta Reserva. Three wines that shouldn't be tasted once in a lifetime but chosen frequently with no hesitation.

Other not so well-known Rioja Reservas but equally outstanding are Honorable de Gomez Cruzado, Valenciso and Gran Vino from Finca la Emperatriz, three Reservas that satisfy both classic palates and lovers of more modern wines. Not forgetting Selección Especial from Muga, a Reserva with its own personality: the Muga style.

In a much more affordable price range, the list could be long and could be headed by Viña Real Reserva or Izadi Selección, followed by Cerro Anon Reserva and Baron de Ley Reserva.

How long can a Rioja Reserva be kept?

These wines have been conceived for ageing. A good Rioja Reserva, both red and white, can be kept for about 8-10 years from its release to the market. Those of a more humble range will endure a little less, but still for 5-6 years without any problem.