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El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven 2020

El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven


Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven is the newcomer at Bodegas Castro Ventosa, a traditionally-run winery...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Wine El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven 2020

Spec sheet
TypeRed Wine Young
Alcohol content i14.0%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2020


Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven is the newcomer at Bodegas Castro Ventosa, a traditionally-run winery owned by the Pérez family and located in Valtuille de Abajo. After the departure of Raúl Pérez, the pioneering oenologist of the Bierzo region, there have been no major changes at the winery. Yet it is unquestionably true that Raúl Pérez left a definite stamp on the bodega, endowing the wines with their Burgundy style and thereby creating absolute treasures.

This remarkable Mencía comes as a surprise because, although it claims to be joven on the label, we are perfectly well aware that it is a blend of young Mencía and Castro de Valtuille Mencía, aged in oak; this is where not just its complexity comes from, but also its primary aromas.

We have here a delicious, expressive Mencía in its purest form; intensely deep purple-red in colour, very much in keeping with this grape. The nose is powerful and rich, yet because the bottle has just been opened, the wine shows some slight off-odours due to reduction that disappear, after a bit of exposure to the air, to release for our appreciation an array of black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberries, cranberries or blueberries) and black olives, enhanced by a distinctly animal, gamey note so typical of the complex wines of Burgundy.

Smooth on the palate, dense and enveloping are three expressions that suitably describe this wine. It has a sensational feel, smooth and rounded, with no tannic rough edges and no green notes.

If this wine were to be tasted blind, then it would be full of surprises, revealing as it does such complexity with a host of nuances that result in the creation of a very fine wine of excellent quality.


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 17ºC

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by: Guy (18/07/2018) - Vintage 2016

Super Mencia value from Raul

Already drunk several bottles this year and really super price quality. Even without looking at price this is very good wine and introduction to Mencia and Raul Perez. Don’t be fooled by price, drink this in big Burgundy wine glass.

by: outsider (21/11/2018) - Vintage 2016

Good quality wind at an attractive price.

Spicy taste with elements of forest halls, cherry, ginger, pomeranian and vanilla, and dark ruby color with long and aromatic aftertaste.

by: Roger (08/02/2018) - Vintage 2016

Exactly as described

One of the best wines I have purchased in a very long time Delivery was prompt, packaging more than adequate I will be ordering again.

by: mark hughes (19/10/2020) - Vintage 2018

El Castro de Valtuille Mencia Jove 2018

Good and enjoyable. Cherry deep red current with something akin to nutmeg and hint of chocolate. No complaints on this one

by: Mike Wootton (14/09/2020) - Vintage 2018

El Castro Valturlle Javen 2018

Just remember the name El Castro Valturlle Javen and I believe you will enjoy the wine.