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Cartoixa de Scala Dei 2016

Cartoixa de Scala Dei

Priorat (Spain)

The Cartoixa de Scala Dei is commencing a new chapter in its long history with the 2011 vintage. Gon...

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Details for Cartoixa de Scala Dei 2016


Wine Red Reserva

Wine region

Priorat (Spain)



Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2016


The Cartoixa de Scala Dei is commencing a new chapter in its long history with the 2011 vintage. Gone are the foreign varietals in order to concentrate on the Garnacha (75%) and Cariñena (25%), and to recapture the savoir-faire bequeathed by the Carthusian monks which means vinifying partially with stems, maturing the wines in large containers and thus filling our glasses with an impressive wine, transformed thanks to the expertise of the past and endowed with all the power of the Priorat terroir. Starting with the 2011 too, it comes in a new bottle: the endlessly elegant Burgundy bottle.

To produce it, the new team, under the technical direction of winemaker Ricard Rofes, is using a selection of Garnacha and Cariñena grapes from old vineyards, vines aged around 60 years old, planted on terraces and slopes, the typical costers, covered in "llicorella" (shards of slate). They are high-altitude Garnachas and Cariñenas, planted on an assortment of soils and at varying heights, between 500 and 800 metres, where good ventilation is always assured, even in the hottest years. They give rise to this wine, which brings together the minerality of the slate, the freshness of the altitude, the warmth of the Mediterranean climate, the Garnacha's juiciness and the Cariñena's sensuality and delightful elegance.

Keep it, no need to rush. It has been created for evolving over more than a decade, thanks to those large-size containers that avoid the Garnacha oxidising and lengthen its life, and also to vinification with stems that confers tannicity to the wine. Enjoy it in small amounts in a large glass, to awaken the most varied of aromas: plums and blackberries, violets, fruit in liqueur and caramelised fruit, aromatic plants, (bay, rosemary, thyme) and undergrowth, orange peel and black liquorice, with the omnipresent minerality of the llicorella. Unmistakably Priorat. Mature, robust yet pleasant, possessing a rustic undertone without losing its refinement, classic and profound, a wine that has class, tastes of tradition, encompasses history and shows all the signs of a great future. Open the bottle on a sunny day and in excellent company.

Cooked sausages / Grills / Cured cheeses / Stewed meats with mushrooms / Peppered steak / Serrano ham / Meet stews / Oven-cooked game meat / Oven-cooked chicken / Chicken with raisins and plums

  • Vine age:60 years
  • Soil:Llicorella
  • Climate:Mediterranean
  • ViewPicota cherry red / Garnet rim
  • Bouquet:Mineral notes / Ripe fruit / Rosemary / Blackberries / Plums / Bay / Orange peel / Fruit in liqueur
  • Mouth:Elegant / Fruit-forward / Ripe tannins / Lovely / Balsamic notes / Robust / Profound / deep
  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

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by: Dieter (09/12/2019) - Vintage 2016

Großartiges Ergebnis einer bemerkenswerten Entwicklung von "Scala Dei"

Der neue „Cartoixa Scala Dei“ ist das außergewöhnliche Ergebnis einer bemerkenswerten Entwicklung von „Scala Dei“. Es sind die Visionen des Chefönologen „Ricard Rofes“, die hier greifen: Eine konsequente Rückbesinnung auf die Wurzeln von „Scala Dei“ und des gesamten Priorats. Vor allem, aber nicht nur, bedeutet das eine Besinnung auf die traditionellen Priorat-Rebsorten Garnatxa und Carinyena; im Fall des „Cartoixa 2016“ eine 80:20-Cuvée. Verschwunden sind die atlantischen Rebsorten. Vergleicht man die erste Flaschenabfüllung des „Cartoixa“ (1974) mit der von 2016, ist man verblüfft: Flaschenform und Etikett bis hin zur Schrift sind nach zwischenzeitlichen Verirrungen wieder fast identisch. 1974 mit „Poble d´Escaladei“ als Etiketten-Blickfang, heute mit einer Abbildung des Kartäuser-Klosters, bevor es zur Ruine geschleift wurde. Der „Cartoixa 2016“ ist damit auch optisch wieder an der Spitze angekommen. Selektiert von alten Reben und den allerbesten Parzellen begeistert er im Glas: kraftvoll, intensiv, warm, würzig, mineralisch, mit geschmeidigen Tanninen und schöner Frische. Großartig!

by: JOSÉ (26/07/2018) - Vintage 2015


BUEN REPRESENTANTE DEL PRIORATO. Este título, pretende simbolizar la sensación que he tenido al probarlo. Me recuerda a los primeros prioratos que empezaron a despuntar hace más de 20 años, y que recuerdo como la esencia del vino, apostando por la calidad, y dejando al marketing en segundo plano. Muy buena opción este vino.l

by: Duccio (14/05/2017) - Vintage 2012

Ottimo acquisto

Sia pure meno prestigioso delle selezioni di specifico terroir della stessa Azienda, come Creuta o S. Antoni, questo vino rappresenta un eccellente esempio di quello che può offrire una grande vino del Priorat: eleganza, complessità, struttura, senza sacrificare la beva che resta assolutamente piacevole.

Celler Scala Dei

Celler Scala Dei

Cellers Scala Dei is the founding winery of DOQ Priorat and a benchmark for quality even before the area was rediscovered in the 1980s. They are heirs to the tradition of the Carthusian monks, who selected the best payments in the region, and were the first to sell bottled wines, in 1973. Forgotten for a time, it has regained its vitality and has become one of the best references in the appellation since it became part of the Codorníu Group and the enology management was ent...