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Ànima Negra ÀN/2 2019

Ànima Negra ÀN/2


ÀN/2 is a little gift, but a most rewarding one, from the Mediterranean countryside, presented by a...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Wine Ànima Negra ÀN/2 2019

Spec sheet
TypeRed Wine
Alcohol content i14.5%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2019


ÀN/2 is a little gift, but a most rewarding one, from the Mediterranean countryside, presented by a team that champions native varieties and wines with a personality all of their own.

No doubt few people have heard of varieties such as Callet or Fogoneu (or Manto Negro, although not present in all of this wine’s vintages); they are varieties found in Mallorca, adapted to its land, able to convey the special characteristics of the soil, abundant in iron oxide, and to exhibit some distinctive aromas.

ÀN/2 is a sincere wine. It is accessible, high quality, well-made, reflecting the typicality of Mallorca; it has personality, and offers a very good pleasure/price ratio.

Once in the glass, we can predict that it will be an accessible wine: a dark red Morello cherry colour but of medium density, not showing great concentration, very clean and bright. When we bring it close to the nose, we immediately appreciate the wide array of aromas. It appears very open and accessible, without being extreme: aromas of fresh, ripe fruit (cherries, strawberries, even a subtle waft of cherries in liqueur), sweet notes, of sweet strawberry, balsamic notes and a mineral background of dry stone. It is very fresh, undeniably a Mediterranean wine, enshrouded by a gentle perfume of smoky hints and lactic notes. A wine of remarkable complexity.

On the palate, that sweetness discerned on the nose contrasts with a faint bitterness which makes the wine extremely memorable. It is intense, balanced and an easy drink; generous, medium-bodied, with earthy undertones and traces of pepper which, along with its good acidity, result in a delicious, refreshing sensation. Enveloping and elegant (it makes us think of a Burgundy Pinot Noir), juicy and rounded – the memory of it is reluctant to take its leave… but not the bottle; that is easily finished and gone.

As regards the aftertaste, some light toasty nuances and scrubland notes bring the tasting to a close. Most satisfactory.

Food pairing

Tapas / Cooked sausages / White meats / Cordon bleu / Stewed meats with mushrooms


  • Vinification material:Wood
  • Ageing period:12 months
  • Barrel age:New and semi-new
  • Type of wood:French and american oak


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 17ºC

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by: Robert Cherry (12 May) - Vintage 2019

Love This Wine

I can highly recommend this wine. It is one of our favourites, that we order regularly while eating out in Mallorca. Mallorca has a number of good wines and this is high up on the list. It is very full flavoured without being too fruity and with a good level of tanin. A very smooth, drinkable wine.

by: Jon (15/12/2016) - Vintage 2014

Nice but not consistent

Had this first at Giri Cafe. Fell in love instantly. Never tasted same in UK. Experimenting with a few bottles says temperature really important. Will rate higher if I get it right!

by: Vinissimus Customer (19/04/2018) - Vintage 2016

Silky smooth and delicious!

Medium bodied, smooth and elegant. Spicy, leathery notes. Good with charcuterie and cheese, roast duck and great with chocolate. Delicious

by: Laura (4 Jan) - Vintage 2018

Our favourite red!

A wonderful wine - we used to buy regulaly when we lived in Mallorca and now we love that we can ship it to the UK from Vinissimus.

by: WineLower (12/10/2019) - Vintage 2017

Drink and enjoy Mallorca

Really good value for money and absolut a favorit among spanish wines - more value than big brother Ànima Negra.

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