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The DO Penedès is the largest appellation in Catalonia. Located between Barcelona and Tarragona, it covers an area of different climates (though all are warm and mild in general) and soil types, ideal for a wide range of grape varieties.

It can be divided into three areas taking into account characteristics such as altitude, soil, and distance from the sea. Penedès Superior is the area furthest inland, close to the Catalan Pre-Coastal mountain range (Serralada Prelitoral), and also the area at the highest altitude. The coolest part of the Penedès appellation, it receives more rainfall, has the widest night/day temperature differences, and vines are mainly grown here in clay soils. The largest area and biggest wine-producer is the Penedès Central. A basically flat plain between...

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Albet i Noya Belat 2011

£53.68 Red Crianza wine, Penedès (Spain) Albet i Noya Belat

90 Parker 93 Peñí­n
Organic farming

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