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Finca Durona 2004

Finca Durona


The Heretat Mont-Rubí winery owns over 300 hectares of vineyards, woodland and mountainous terrain in...

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/ 0.75 L btl

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Wine Finca Durona 2004

Spec sheet
TypeRed Wine Crianza
Alcohol content i13.5%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2004


The Heretat Mont-Rubí winery owns over 300 hectares of vineyards, woodland and mountainous terrain in the municipality of L'Avellà. Most of the vines they cultivate are local Penedès varieties such as Sumoll, Grenache, Carignan, and white grapes like the Xarel·lo and the Parellada. Mont-Rubí pay special attention to the Sumoll, a rich traditional grape variety which fell out of favour for different reasons and is scarcely cultivated nowadays. The Mont-Rubí winery is the first modern cellar to believe in the Sumoll and its expressiveness once more.

The Durona wine comes from vines planted at altitudes of between 500 and 700 metres in the Alt Penedès region. Its coupage is mainly based on Sumoll, together with Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, and a little Merlot. After vinification, it is aged in French and American oak barrels for twelve months before being left to stand in the bottle.

In the glass, it has a light crimson colour and its lack of density is perhaps an indicator of its subtlety. It is easy to distinguish from other wines because of its delicious aromas; delicate hints of cologne, lactic notes, leather, coffee, toffee, damp woodland, orange peel, honey and quince ... Moving it around the glass awakens smooth aromas of embers, figs, fine dark chocolate and glue. We recommend decanting this wine as on first opening it is sometimes a little closed with aromas of forests and truffles.

It offers an elegant consistency in the mouth, with little density which means its very fresh character can show through. In fact, two different sensations can be experienced; a more fatty profile, like mineral water, and a fresher wine side. An all-round wine, the Durona surrounds us from many directions.


  • Vinification material:Wood
  • Ageing period:12 months
  • Type of wood:French oak


  • Optimum serving temperature:16ºC

Customer reviews

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by: JPH (20/11/2019) - Vintage 2004

Utterly disasterous cork!

Dark cherry with a mellow allure of fig and prune. The wine itself is very pleasant especially with a hog roast however, the cork disintegrated when opened and had to push the rest in, the second bottle I have, I will just plunge it in rather than pick the crumbled cork out of my wine glass! The wine, I would give four stars only for the cork spoiling the experience!

by: Antonio (09/10/2019) - Vintage 2015

Hidden bitterness.

At first impressed. Then a slowly pervasive bitterness . Not a well balanced wine despite plenty of flavours.There are lots of better wines at this price point I am afraid. Yes I did take the time to decant.

by: Vinissimus Customer (30/07/2019) - Vintage 2004


Surprisingly deep.Continues to develop when left a while afer opening.Care needed when opening to avoid cork fragmentation. However the effort is worthwhile. Good value.

by: Peter Tamkin (09/12/2019) - Vintage 2004

mature bargain

This has a powerful bouquet and 15 years of very effective aging turning this into a lovely wine which is quite some bargain

by: Phil D (18 Jun) - Vintage 2004

Our 2nd top wine from Spain

This is good value for money, a very special Spanish table wine.

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