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4 Kilos 2018

4 Kilos

Mallorca (Spain)

The name 4 Kilos represents the 4 million pesetas of the initial investment Francesc Grimalt and Ser...


/ btl 0.75 L
Purchase limited to 60 btl

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Wine Red Crianza




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0.75 L - 2018


The name 4 Kilos represents the 4 million pesetas of the initial investment Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero made to set up this Mallorcan winery. A relatively small amount of money which has shown, over time, that great wines depend more on hard work aiming for quality and a passion for the land and vines than on large economic investments.

4 Kilos is also the name of the winery's flagship wine. A wonderful cherry-coloured wine with an unusually complex nose. It is a deep, mineral wine, soothingly aromatic and spicy, but also a wine brimming with excellent ripe fruit. Its fine sensations and width in the mouth boast of Mediterranean elegance and harmony, accompanied by aromas of wild herbs and flowers. A fresh yet flavoursome wine, both light and stunning, it expresses all the character expected of goblet-pruned vines over 60 years old, leaving the nuances it obtains from its time in wood in the background. The intense minerality of iron-rich reddish soils can be enjoyed in every sip, transporting us subtly to the first cool September breezes felt when the grapes were ready for harvesting.

Like all great wines, it deserves a special treatment. Decanting the wine will free its fragrances of wild berries and mountain herbs. Its smooth velvety texture, immensely delicate tannins, and splendid balance come together to give it a never-ending finish. A wonderful example of a wine to prove just how wise an investment Grimalt and Caballero made back in 2006.




    • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

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    by: Peter (21 Oct) - Vintage 2018

    Great Wine

    Best wine from Spain hands down. Always worth every penny. Pity the price has gone up so much in past 5 years.

    by: Morenín de los bosques (28 Oct) - Vintage 2018


    Un pedazo de vino, de lo mejor que he probado Un aplauso

    by: joaquim ramio (25 Oct) - Vintage 2018

    no es un vi que impresioni

    no he trobat enlloc els 94 punts Parker , de totes maneres es la primera vegada que vec un vi de raim callet .

    by: Folker33 (20/11/2019) - Vintage 2017

    80% Callet, 10% Fogoneu Mallorquin und 10% Manto-Negro...ohne Worte

    Wäre hätte gedacht, dass aus Mallorca, der Insel der Pauschaltouristen, europäischen Neureichen und "C Prommis" so etwas absolut exzellentes kommt. Francesc Grimalt und Sergio Caballero und Ihre traumhaften Weine sind anders, besser. Seit 2008 freue ich mich jedes Jahr auf die Neuen. Nicht geschwollen rezensieren...einfach nur trinken und glücklich sein.

    by: Henry (30/08/2019) - Vintage 2017

    zu früh

    Ich möchte evtl .dazu beitragen Bewertungen zu strukturieren, eigentlich würde ich diesen wein noch etwas länger lagern, nur wie kann man das abbilden ????

    4 Kilos Vinícola

    4 Kilos Vinícola

    Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero are the two partners in this bodega, producing wines under the geographical indication of Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca, with a passionate and overriding belief in quality without the need for a huge financial commitment: '4 kilos' alludes to the modest initial investment of 4 million pesetas.