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The Penedès is one of the large, historic DOs in Spain that has been establishing itself over time as an area capable of producing quality white, red and rosé wines, apart from Cava. The wineries have been pioneers both in the field of production by applying new technology to wine-making processes, but also in the introduction of foreign varieties hitherto unknown in the country.

One could say that the Penedès is itself like a small country where a large selection of both native and world-wide grapes has become firmly rooted - thereby presenting an extremely interesting vine-growing perspective as regards innovation and differentiation. This means that both long-established varieties like Parellada, Sumoll and Malvasía de Sitges are well represented, and in complete...

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Jané Ventura Blanc Selecció 2018

£6.88 Young white wine, Penedès (Spain) Jané Ventura Xarel·lo, Muscat à petits grains, Subirat Parent

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Llopart Vitis 2018

£7.07 Young white wine, Penedès (Spain) Cavas Llopart Xarel·lo, Subirat Parent, Muscat of Alexandria

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Agustí Torelló Subirat Parent 2013

OUT OF STOCK Young white wine, Penedès (Spain) Cavas Agustí Torelló Subirat Parent

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