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Oak-aged white wines

White wines aged in casks, an unusual yet seductive style

White wines aged in casks

"I'm a red wine fan" or "White wines aren't for me" are the typical claims made time and time again by many wine-drinkers. To a large extent, these beliefs are down to the fact that when we think of white wines, the idea of a light and fruity wine usually comes to mind. But there is another style of white wine which could easily convince doubters: white wines aged in wooden barrels.

After fermenting and/or ageing in wooden barrels, mainly made of oak, white wines reveal an unctuous, complex and elegant character – to the point where they might even be confused with red wines at a blind taste test. The primary aromas of fruit are embellished with creaminess from the lees while the wood adds spicey and toasted notes which work wonders with the wine. 

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