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Spec sheet

TypeRed Wine
AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti14.5%

The wine

Garum is a serious and elegant wine, almost Bordeaux-like. Its mature and clear fruit shines smoothly, while hints of top quality wood are felt, and its time in the mouth is wrapped in lightly rough tannins. A wine expressing the sophisticated minerality of plaster and the notable aristocracy of any wine which breathes in the airs of Jerez in the region of Cádiz. Merlot, the main actor in the blend, brings no excessively green sensations with it, a feature which often occurs in climates which are too warm and where grapes ripen quickly. Garum's Merlot vines hydrate thanks to air moisture and grow at their own pace with no haste or demands, enjoying the leisurely pace of life in the area. Syrah, Petit Verdot and a small amount the now-recovered Tintilla de Rota grape, complement Merlot, a variety originally from the Right Bank of Bordeaux, adding juiciness and spices to the aromatic blend. Each variety is fermented separately, thus allowing each process to be closely monitored and producing a complete and perfect expression of each grape. Ageing the wine in five-times-used barrels ensures the wood does not hide the graceful and wonderful fruit which shines for all to enjoy.

Garum displays a deep and elegant cherry-red colour, and its soothing yet spicy nose has clear hints of undergrowth and liquorice over extremely ripe black fruit. Sensations of grape skins and the toasted flavours of its barrel staves, rough tannins and a reminiscence of coffee lightly sprinkled with cocoa powder. It wears its strength and drive with pride; a tannic yet pleasant wine, bordering on sweet according to some drinkers. An excellent partner for grilled red meat, especially if it is seasoned with herbs and spices, such as rosemary or cloves.

What does this wine taste like?

Cherry red / Quite opaque
Higly aromatic / Balsamic aromas / Ripe red fruit / Spicy notes / Liquorice / Coffee / Cocoa
Silky / Powerful / Sweet tannins / Toasty notes

Drinking and storing

Serve between 16ºC and 18ºC

Food pairing

Vegetables, Red meats, Braised vegetables, Stews, Rice dishes

Customer reviews

16 reviews

Wine making

Vinification materialWood
Ageing periodBetween 11 and 14 months
Barrel ageUsed
Type of woodAmerican and french oak


ClimateAtlantic with mediterranean influence

The winery

Bodegas Luis Pérez

Bodegas Luis Pérez

Luis Pérez Rodríguez is a well-known oenologist in the Jerez region and, with this bodega and the support of his whole family, he has restored the making of fine quality red wines, upholding a tradition that had lasted not merely for some time but for three thousand years. In 2002, he acquired the Vistahermoso estate, right in the heart of Jerez's vineyard country, and began producing his wines, ones that were deemed 'signature'. They are small-scale, hand-crafted creations,...