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Viña Gravonia Blanco Crianza 2011

Viña Gravonia Blanco Crianza

Rioja (Spain)

López de Heredia - Viña Tondonia is particularly well-known and admired for its white wines, and Viñ...

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Details for Viña Gravonia Blanco Crianza 2011


Wine White Barrel Aged

Wine region

Rioja (Spain)



Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2011


López de Heredia - Viña Tondonia is particularly well-known and admired for its white wines, and Viña Gravonia is a very good option for getting to know its good work, a first step, and obviously much more affordable and accessible.

Just its appearance, its colour, demonstrates clearly this winery’s exceptional work as true masters in the art of ageing wine: notice how little this white has been evolving; aged for four years in American oak barrels, with a long maturation in bottle until now, and yet it appears a lovely gold colour without evolution.

Viña Gravonia is the house's most modest wine but its complexity is quite remarkable. The first impression on the nose is one of maturity and moisture: wet stones, sea breezes, gentle whiffs of iodine, which come as a surprise to anyone accustomed to lighter, younger whites, but which immediately captivates lovers of mature, complex whites. Swirling it round a little, straightaway it offers a blend of fresh, citrus aromas, with lactic notes (cheese) and ripe fruits, of ripe pear skin and lime blossom tea, with a very pleasant freshness once it becomes still in the glass.

It is dry on the palate: don't expect a sweetish wine with this sort of maturity; its acidity is extraordinary and will enable it to continue evolving over time. The notes suggesting moisture and other aromas discerned on the nose are repeated now on the palate: evolved fruit, raw almonds and notes reminding us of cheese. It is an easy wine to drink, fluid, medium-bodied, a perfect companion for aperitifs and less complex dishes, mushrooms, full-fat cheeses and any mild dish combining these ingredients. Tondonia white wines relate extremely well to food and should be served at virtually the temperature of a red, remember: at about 14-16 degrees, or you will miss out on all its richness!

Potato omelette / Spaghetti carbonara / Pasta with cheese / Wild mushrooms / Olives / Soft full-fat cheeses / Potatoes with monkfish

  • Soil:Calcareous-clay / Stony
  • Climate:Atlantic
  • Ageing period:48 months
  • Barrel age:Used
  • Type of wood:American oak
  • Clarification and filtration:Unfiltered
  • ViewPale gold / Iodine tones
  • Bouquet:Lactic notes / Pear / Camomile / Mature / ripe / Damp stone / Saline
  • Mouth:Complex / Dry / Ripe
  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 14ºC and 16ºC

Customer reviews

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by: Jascha (25 Jun) - Vintage 2011

Immer wieder genial

2011 ist sicher nicht auf dem Niveau von 2010 aber wie immer ist es ein kompletter, ausgewogener Wein und mit einem Charakter ausgestattet, von dessen Format die meisten einfach nur träumen können. Brilliant!

by: Ignasi (18 Jun) - Vintage 2011

Un vino para amantes de un blanco sofisticado

Excelente elección para evaluar una propuesta de blanco con larga crianza y evolución. La fruta ha madurado, el color oro empieza a predominar, los matices especiales aportados por la madera y el tiempo, la untuosidad del paso por boca, requieren su tiempo para apreciar con mucha calma todo aquello que este vino nos cuenta de su extenso viaje desde La Rioja. Un grito para silenciar muchos tintos.

by: Mark Temple (17/06/2019) - Vintage 2010

Lovely. mellow wine

Lovely. mellow wine as always, with great complexity and a level of interest belied by its price point. Now that prices of the Tondonia red and white have risen so much, this is more than ever the QPR sweet spot in the range.

by: Farini Matteo (22/07/2019) - Vintage 2010

Grande annata

Accenno di frutta secca e tanto mare. Bocca secchissima e tesa, con acidità a pulire. Non lunghissimo. Grande versione di questo vino.

by: Audax (02/06/2019) - Vintage 2010

der Klassiker

Lopez de Heredia bleibt der Tradition treu und macht einen sehr schönen Weiss Wein der klassischen Art. Für alle die den im Holzfass gereiften Wein mögen.

Bodegas R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Bodegas R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Founded by Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta at the end of the 19th Century, R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia is still today a single-family winery, where the four generations that took the helm have carried on the philosophy, working practices and social maxims introduced by the founder. R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia is also these days one of the names commanding most respect and admiration amongst wineries producing “fine wine”. The oldest bodega in the emblematic...