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Palell 2014


Montsant (Spain)

Palell is the name given to the estate by Josep Maria Beltrán, one of the owners of Orto Vins. Locat...

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0.75 L - 2014


Palell is the name given to the estate by Josep Maria Beltrán, one of the owners of Orto Vins. Located to the north of the village of Mas Roig, the estate comprises three micro-parcels of terroir, calcareous and clay-textured (variegated in colour), and with small terraces, where the Hairy Garnacha is the predominant grape variety (interestingly, there is an area where no vegetation grows due to the flow of phreatic waters). These Hairy Garnachas were planted back in 1950.

Palel is not a heavily structured wine, but lively and dynamic; this is due to the nature of the particular strain, Garnacha ‘Peluda’, which is not overly concentrated yet significant enough not to require blending. Joan Asens believes the grape is well suited to this area, despite the fact that many vine-growers have been pulling it up, and he has taken an interest in its restoration.

Talking to Joan, he commented that Palell “is a ‘gin and tonic’ wine, because of the cheeky little aromas of juniper berries, aniseed and fennel”. Its smooth texture, giving it such a wonderful mouthfeel due to its juiciness and citrus flavours (orange citrus), make it the most refined and delicate of the Orto singular wine collection; essentially a feminine wine, it displays great subtlety on the palate and is very approachable, with just the right amount of tannic backbone. It proves an absolute delight that takes us straight back to Burgundy.

Orto Vins

Orto Vins

Orto Vins is one of the most interesting projects to have been set up in the Priorat region in recent times. Opting for the Montsant D.O, four vinegrowers have joined ranks: Jordi Beltran, Josep M. Beltran, Josep M. Jové and Joan Asens. They have followed in the vine-growing footsteps of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, with a long tradition of working in cooperatives, and in 2008 they decided to start up their own winery and make top quality wines. U...