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Orto Vins

Orto Vins Orto Vins

Orto Vins is one of the most interesting projects to have been set up in the Priorat region in recent times.

Opting for the Montsant D.O, four vinegrowers have joined ranks: Jordi Beltran, Josep M. Beltran, Josep M. Jové and Joan Asens. They have followed in the vine-growing footsteps of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, with a long tradition of working in cooperatives, and in 2008 they decided to start up their own winery and make top quality wines.

Undoubtedly of particular importance for this winery is the considerable experience of Joan Asens, who up until then had been in charge of viticulture and vinification at the Priorat winery owned by Álvaro Palacios; he is also assisting in an advisory capacity some outstanding wineries, such as the new venture set up by Alfredo Arribas in this same denomination. But they have a lot more going for them: vineyards of theirs have a highly individual character, looked after devotedly for years by different generations of their families. They now use those grapes to create four special wines which they call the ‘singularidades de Orto’, effectively the Orto singular wine collection. Alongside these four single varietals, of Cariñena, Ull de Llebre, Garnacha Peluda and Picapoll Negre, they also make two entry level wines – a red and a white – and two deliciously fresh, sweet wines.

Orto Vins is looking for beauty, purity, the expression of the terroir and the grape, and therein lies its name. According to their explanation, Orto refers to the particular moment in time when the sun, or any other star, crosses the horizon line and becomes visible in our hemisphere. It therefore symbolizes the dawning of a new day. Orto (or Ortho) is also a prefix of Greek origin, meaning "straight", "exact" or even "true”.

  • Year founded2008
  • EnologistJoan Asens

Wines from Orto Vins

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