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Cims de Porrera Vi de Vila 2015

Cims de Porrera Vi de Vila

Priorat (Spain)

The Vi de Vila of the emblematic cooperative winery, Cims de Porrera, which Marc and Adrià Pérez now...

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Details for Cims de Porrera Vi de Vila 2015


Wine Red Crianza

Wine region

Priorat (Spain)



Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2015


The Vi de Vila of the emblematic cooperative winery, Cims de Porrera, which Marc and Adrià Pérez now run, succeeds in being a real classic despite its newness. Classic because of its coupage, Cariñena and Garnacha; classic because, although a new creation, it provides continuity with the historic Solanes and upholds the identity of the entry wine, the one which enables a winery's work to be appreciated at a good price, essential for a reference point, as Cims is in the Priorat's present-day history; and classic too because of its style, robust, Priorat, yet accessible, mature and easy to drink.

With their Vi de Vila, Marc and Adrià present their interpretation of what is a Porrera wine; and this they do with a synthesis of various terroirs and grapes, fruit from the parcels of the different vine growers who belong to the cooperative, young vines of varying ages, planted too on soils varied in their composition and orientation. This diversity gives rise to a complex wine, by means of which its makers draw attention to the freshness and fruitiness of Porrera's Garnachas and Cariñenas.

Cims de Porrera Vi de Vila is a complex wine, vigorous and genial too, most pleasurable, and not put on the market until it has matured for at least three or four years in bottle and achieved a good integration of that complexity and polished tannins. It is lively and intense in colour, of medium depth, and mature and fresh in aromas, classic in fact, as we pointed out at the beginning. The ripeness of the red fruit and wild berries is accompanied by subtle liquorice notes and touches of dampness, of undergrowth, making it a wonderfully easy wine. Its freshness invites us to take another sip, to discover greater complexity with some interesting black pepper and balsamic notes. It's a wine with plenty of volume on the palate, fruit-driven, fresh, intense, powerful yet always, and we'll say it once again, with such a pleasant feeling overall; it glides easily over the tongue, with a creamy sensation, yet with a certain dryness too, and a seemingly bitter trace which fades away quite harmlessly; an earthy touch, mineral, unmistakeably Priorat is also present. Don't forget to decant it and let it talk to you. A wine for very different occasions and dishes.

Cooked sausages / Veal with mushrooms / Stews / Stewed meats with mushrooms / Peppered steak / Oxtail / Cannelloni / Venison / Rice with truffles

  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

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by: javier (2 Jan) - Vintage 2015


buen vino, de corte típico de prorato, potente con cuerpo y alcohol, aunque lejos de su hermano mayor y no tan redondo como debería.

by: Dieter (19/09/2019) - Vintage 2015

Der perfekte Einstiegs-Klassiker

Geduld ist beim Weinausbau eine eher rar gewordene Tugend. Als „Adrià Pérez“ 2004 die Leitung von „Cims de Porrera“ von seinem legendären Vater „Josep Lluís Pérez“ übernahm, muss er auch dessen Geduld übernommen haben. Denn die ist unabdingbar, lässt man selbst den Einstiegswein nach einem Jahr im Fass noch drei bis vier weitere Jahre in der Flasche ruhen. Erst dann entscheiden Adrià und Marc Pérez („Les Cousins“) über die Freigabe. Der „Vi de Vila“ ist seit seinem Erstjahrgang 2008, als er den „Solanes“ ablöste, der Einstiegs-Klassiker schlechthin. Man beachte das wunderbare Etikett: Seit 2008 hat sich daran (bis auf ein „a“ in der Rebsorte und die wechselnde Flaschenanzahl) nichts verändert. Mit seiner priorat-typischen Carinyena-Garnatxa-Cuvée ergänzt er zudem geradezu ideal die beiden reinsortigen Cims-Topweine. Der „Vi de Vila 2015“ ist, wie die Jahrgänge davor, robust, kräftig, konzentriert, schwarzfruchtig, komplex, und nach geduldiger Belüftung überaus zugänglich, frisch, fruchtig, lebhaft. Der perfekte Einstiegs-Klassiker.

by: Francesc Llaurado (07/02/2019) - Vintage 2014

Es un vino genial que reune lo mejor del Priorato

Este vino da toda la fuerza de las pizarras del Priorato con un aroma y gusto expresivos del buen cuidado de la vid. Un gran momento de placer.

by: Elena (08/01/2019) - Vintage 2014

Muy buen Priorat

Un Priorat muy correcto, y económico para lo que suelen ser los vinos de la zona. Acompañó una ternera con setas.

by: DO FORNI (23/11/2018) - Vintage 2014



Cims de Porrera

Cims de Porrera

Cims de Porrera was founded by Lluís Llach and the Pérez Ovejero family with the intention of not only producing quality wines at the local cooperative, but also with an objective based on working agreements: to offer vine growers a fair price for their crops, above the one that was being paid in the market at the time. Later on, Lluís Llach left the company to dedicate himself fully to his own personal project at Vall Llach, and for some years the Perelada Group worked in p...