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Italian Whites, Naturally Summery

Marvellous, complete, multifaceted. For enthusiasts? Not only. And yet... extraordinarily pop! Summer wines, knock yourself out. This is the wonderful magic of the great Italian whites.

Native grapes that satisfy the curious niche lover, the tireless explorer of territories, the cultured admirer of mineral and long-lived white wine. But also the serial summer grill drinker, who seeks sharp freshness and regenerating coolness. The great grapes and the great appellations of Italian white wine have precisely this secret: in the most direct and immediate versions, they offer great and luxury drinks, but which are also simple and carefree.

This is due to a rich and varied territory, ranging from volcanoes to the Alps, from the Mediterranean to the tuff hillocks. And it’s the merit of grapes that represent these territories with sincere fidelity, and that express an incredibly varied skyline of sensations. Long ageing in wood or on the lees, which leads to their highest expressions noble grapes such as Verdicchio and Garganega, do not add personality to white wines that already abound in it.

Once upon a time, when even white wines looked for fatness, body and vanilla, in Italy, there was little awareness of the potential of native whites. The stereotype of sparkling and jovial white wines gradually gave way to a new style, which has as its protagonist dry, austere, territorial white wine. And now that tastes have changed, and that agility, drinkability, freshness and minerality are sought, Lugana and Soave are on the lips of drinkers all over the world.

With an eye on the wallet, which barely feels the effect of purchasing these wines: the Italian white wine of tradition, in fact, always has a spectacular price when compared to the quality it expresses and the story it tells.

But let's cut to the chase: what are we drinking? In Italy we have volcanoes under every house: it's not always a comforting thought, but the stock of great white wine is never lacking. Tense, subtle, elegant whites, with aromas of flint, with a savoury, vertical palate.

You can find them from Veneto, with Soave, to Etna, the spearhead of Sicilian white wines, passing by the immense Fiano di Avellino: by now, the white wine of Campania par excellence. White sea wines, beautiful salty iodine taste and kissed by the sun? You'll be spoilt for choice from Vermentino from Liguria and Sardinia to the Verdicchio di Jesi, a champion of longevity in the Marche region, with a view of the Adriatic.

Are the mountains your summer predilection? No problem: Alto Adige white wine and the Friuli Hills wine will satisfy you. They are the whitest regions of Italy, where you will find the noblest sensations of hydrocarbon, silica and dried fruit both in the great grapes of the territory and in the best international Italian whites.

And don't forget the red regions! Tuscan white wine, Piedmontese white wine... open your mind: Piedmont and Tuscany churn out whites that are every bit as good as Barolo and Brunello! Don't you know Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Arneis? Then you must discover together with us that even in the Langa and Val d'Orcia you can expect exciting... aperitifs!