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Italian white wines: the magnificent six!

Perfect for summer, and ideal for keeping too. Italian white wines have finally earned a well-deserved place in the fascinating history of Italian wine which had been dominated by reds until very recently. Come with us to discover the six most astounding white wine regions in the country!

Are you looking for a fresh white wine, ready to drink without further ado, to accompany an aperitif or to pair with cheese or starters? Or a more complex, deep, mineral white wine... a majestic white, ideal for laying down too? Whichever style you prefer, there is an Italian white wine for you. And remember our tip; choose wines made from local grape varieties.

Here is our list of the six most outstanding white wine regions in Italy, a list brimming with stories, history, characters and sensations taking you into the heart of the most unique terroirs.

White wines from the coast, the mountains, volcanoes, lakesides... and all offering excellent quality at great prices as only Italian wines can. Local grapes in each region will convince you to spend a summer full of Mediterranean flavours and aromas.