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Wine from Alois Lageder

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Wine from Alois Lageder

Cultivating fifty hectares of vines using biodynamic methods without having an impact on the environment is no easy task, but the Alois Lageder winery pulls it off, combining their apparently idealistic and extreme philosophy with a precise, direct and exquisite style to create wines whose quality is unquestionable. Founded in 1823, five generations later the winery is currently run by Alois Lageder. A family winery which stands out for its capacity to blend tradition and innovation.

Respect for nature is a priority and with this aim in mind the winery is committed to developing and fostering the unique characteristics and qualities of each vineyard. The Alto Adige (South Tyrol) area is extraordinarily rich in its diversity of soils, micro-climates, and different hours of sunlight, offering ideal conditions to produce regional wines with a strong personality.

Healthy, perfectly ripened grapes, delicate production methods carried out with the utmost care and precision, and, above all, time: these are the main ingredients behind their extraordinary wines. The philosophy the winery works with at the Löwengang estate focuses on taking care to maintain the quality the grapes show in the vineyard itself.

Sensitive to the emotional side of wine, not just because of their holistic approach to production, but also because of the links between art and the territory, the Alois Lageder winery became well-known for their wonderful white wines, especially Chardonnay ones, created in the historic Löwengang estate. Wines which stand among the best Italian wines for their richness, complexity, and elegance. Austerity, perfection and an elegant style characterize their mid-range wines. Wood, when used, adds a perfectly measured touch to the natural distinction of the grape varieties. Their classic range is a selection of impeccable and exquisite wines ideal for every day drinking and much more.

  • Year founded1823
  • Own vineyards:50
  • EnologistPaola Tenaglia, Georg Meissner, Jo Pfisterer
  • Bottles produced per year1200000
Alois LagederAlois Lageder