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Moscatel amarillo

Compared to the nobler moscato bianco, moscato giallo expresses a less intense aromaticity or, rather, an aromaticity of a smaller spectrum of olfactory indicators. Also known in the Central European vineyard as a goldmuskateller and, in Hungary, sárgamuskotály (which can combine with Tokaji together with furmint), in Italy moscato giallo is widespread especially in the Northeast, between Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige. In addition to the marked notes of nutmeg, it also reveals its Mediterranean charm and captures the attention of lovers of this type with citrus aromas and scents of orange blossom. This fascinating and brilliant wine is not afraid of comparison with renowned dessert wines, and when vinified dry it lends itself perfectly as an aperitif. In this guise it expresses itself excellently in Alto Adige, while ias a passito, with the name of moscato fior d'arancio, it reaches qualitative peaks in Veneto, in the volcanic-calcareous area of the Colli Euganei, where it can also be aged in tonneau. It is also vinified in the Moscato d'Asti style, with a frank aroma and pleasant froth.