Palari Rosso del Soprano 2015

Palari Rosso del Soprano


Intense ruby red, it has a wide and penetrating aromatic bouquet, with concentrated hints of berries...

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Wine Palari Rosso del Soprano 2015


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Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2015


Intense ruby red, it has a wide and penetrating aromatic bouquet, with concentrated hints of berries and jam. Dry but enveloping, the taste expresses an aftertaste of ripe fruit. It goes well with roasted white and red meats, noble poultry, sauteed fish dishes, semi-seasoned or grilled cheeses.


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

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by: Nabokov (03/08/2018) - Vintage 2013


Excellent, complex wine made mostly from Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, the Etna grapes, but in Faro where they add Nocera and Galatena. It is less polished than the most of its Etna relatives (which sometimes can be a good thing), but its rusticity brings a unique personality and a lot of complexity. I'll try to taste its big sibling, although it is far pricier.

by: Mark Temple (18/11/2019) - Vintage 2014

Delicious and classy wine

Famously good second wine from Palari, managing to combine elegance, complexity and sheer deliciousness. 2014 is a particularly successful vintage in Sicily.

by: Steen Darling (29/10/2019) - Vintage 2014

Fantastic Nerello

A very elegant and tastefull nerello mascalese .Tastefull like the real Etna wines.Very interesting winery.Undestand why it gets 3 glasses in gambero rosso.

by: Louis (10/12/2020) - Vintage 2015


Assemblage typique, ce vin m'a suppris par ces fruits noirs et son acidité en fin de bouche qui est assez originale pour un vin sicilien. Sympa pour découvrir les deux Nerello

by: VANDE VELDE, LUC (24/06/2020) - Vintage 2014


Il y a beaucoup de finesse dans un vin qui vient d'une région avec plein de soleil. Le 2014 est superbe et pas urgent à boire.