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A Mi Manera 2018
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Spec sheet

TypeNouveau wine
AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti14.0%

The wine

Benjamín Romeo is particularly well-known for his great Contador, but all his wines are a wonderful reflection of quality grapes, extremely well-cared for (Benjamín is the vine grower), thoroughly likeable wines from start to finish.

A Mi Manera is his carbonic maceration red, a wine flawless in the making, using the best grapes, full of fruit aromas, intense and juicy, elegant... a wine to fall in love with. It has a lovely colour, as though there were rose petals floating in the glass, lively, an intense cherry colour with a carmine rim.

It is fruit poured into a glass - chewy, juicy fruit, but with a balance that is exceedingly fine; intense, dense but velvety, attractive, a wine where complexity is not sought after, but offering the most genuine fruit expression. A wine which, even though it is young, we shouldn't expect to be simple; exactly the opposite, this wine is complete, with some shy lactic notes found in the aftertaste. It is simply Benjamín ‘in his own way’, and what a way that is!

(A Mi Manera is made with grapes originating from vine-stock planted in parcels with poor soils, mainly calcareous clay, and vinified in large truncated conical vats, with a 10,000 litre capacity.)

Drinking and storing

Serve between 15ºC and 17ºC

Food pairing

Barbecues / Chorizo sausage / Oily fish / Rice with fish / Cod Rioja style / Cooked sausages

Customer reviews

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The winery

Bodega Contador

Bodega Contador

Love of the land, respect for deep-rooted traditions, excellent judgement… and passion, lots of passion. Bodega Contador is the very personal commitment that Benjamín Romeo has made to the lands of La Rioja, a young vine grower with an innovative spirit, very well-versed in French and Spanish oenology, and with considerable experience behind him. Involved in the whole process of making his wines (from pruning to designing the labels, and choosing the oak wood used in making...