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Wines from Bodega Contador

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Wines from Bodega Contador

Love of the land, respect for deep-rooted traditions, excellent judgement… and passion, lots of passion. Bodega Contador is the very personal commitment that Benjamín Romeo has made to the lands of La Rioja, a young vine grower with an innovative spirit, very well-versed in French and Spanish oenology, and with considerable experience behind him.

Involved in the whole process of making his wines (from pruning to designing the labels, and choosing the oak wood used in making the casks for his wines and the cork trees for the corks), since 1995 Benjamín Romeo had been able to convey a style of his own that then obtained conclusive recognition from the industry with the highest rating (100), which Robert Parker bestowed on two vintages of the now legendary Contador: 2004 and 2005.

Through a meticulous sequence of pruning, ground cultivation and harvesting, Bodega Contador makes its wines by sourcing the grapes from its vineyards of more than 50 parcels. Different soils, micro-climates, orientations and varieties, all contribute to achieving wines with great complexity and a marked personality.

  • Year founded1995
  • EnologistBenjamín Romeo
Bodega ContadorBodega Contador