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Recaredo Turó d'en Mota 2007

Recaredo Turó d'en Mota


When we talk of Recaredo we're talking about the pinnacle of quality among Catalan sparkling wines,...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Cava Recaredo Turó d'en Mota 2007

Spec sheet
TypeCatalan sparkling wine
Alcohol content i12.5%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2007


When we talk of Recaredo we're talking about the pinnacle of quality among Catalan sparkling wines, and should we mention Turó d'en Mota we're putting ourselves right at the very top of that highpoint. At a time when the Cava DO has seen itself immersed in important debates and changes, some wineries have chosen to concentrate their efforts on making products that would've seemed difficult to imagine some years ago, very long-aged Cavas which are fully entitled to sit there among the most illustrious sparkling wines in the world. Turó d'en Mota is probably the best example of this revolution, since we encounter a Cava boasting levels of elegance that were once considered only reserved for Champagne, whilst at the same time reflecting all the magic of the Mediterranean.

The Xarel·lo grapes of this tiny vineyard (0.97 ha), planted in 1940 on the northern side of the hill after which it's named, used to be blended with grapes from other estates in the coupage of Recaredo's best Cavas, until in 1999 it was decided that this particular vineyard deserved a single varietal, vintage wine. In the Turó d'en Mota parcel, the plants are trained on individual posts, following the Priorat model, and take root on very calcareous soils poor in organic material. The vines suffer in their efforts to extract the essence of these Penedés lands, and perhaps that's why the end result is so thrilling. While the grapes are accumulating sugars, Recaredo keeps them under observation, limiting intervention to the minimum, adhering closely to the house's maxim that maintains "simplicity is elegance".

After a first fermentation and subsequent ageing in barrel for 2 weeks, the wine rests for 120 months (10 years!) in bottle, always crowned with a cork stopper, showing once more impeccable consistency: natural materials for a wine that's a gift of nature. Once the long-awaited moment for disgorgement arrives, this is carried out by hand at room temperature, and its date recorded on each of the scarce number of bottles. If you are among the few fortunate ones to uncork a bottle of Turó d'en Mota, taste it slowly, close your eyes and you'll see Mediterranean woodlands, you'll smell a traditional baker at work and feel, as it conveys a silky effervescence, the warmth of dried fruits, nuts and butter, and the freshness of citrus peel, all around the palate, until it culminates in a lovely, harmonious finish to round off the dream. Open your eyes and be thankful, there does exist magic in wine!


  • Vine age:65 years
  • Soil:Limestone / Sandy loam / Silt
  • Climate:Mediterranean


  • Ageing period:100 months


  • Decanting:Aeration is recommended

Tasting notes

  • ViewStraw yellow / Bright / Fine delicate bubbles
  • Bouquet:Higly aromatic / Fresh / Citrus fruits / Dried fruit and nuts / Ageing notes
  • Mouth:Intense / Elegant / Dry / Well-integrated carbonic acid

Customer reviews

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by: Dani M. (20/01/2017) - Vintage 2005

Complejo, cremoso, largo... fantástico!

Uno de los mejores espumosos que he probado. Al nivel de grandes chmpagnes de excepción. Sus premisas iniciales, aparentemente sencillas, una viña, una variedad, una añada, demuestran un trabajo maravillosamente hecho. Xarel.lo expresivo, intenso y complejo. Fruta madura sobre tostados elegantes y fondo mineral. Los tostados finales, extraordinariamente agradables, le dan un final larguísimo.

by: Anna CM (23/01/2017) - Vintage 2005


Hicimos una cata comparativa entre el champagne Roederer Cristal y el Turó d'en Mota 2005 y ganó por goleada el Turó, en cuerpo, potencia, calidad de ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos.

by: Domenico (10/08/2018) - Vintage 2004

Perfetto e sontuoso.

Di tutto quello che si può trovare in un metodo classico invecchiato. Crosta di pane e acidità equilibrata. A tutto pasto, sprecato per l'aperitivo. Accostabile a piatti di elevata complessità.

by: Peppa Pig (18/04/2019) - Vintage 2006


Lo recomiendo, para una ocasión especial ....una buena comida..... excelente paladar. Los clientes quedaran super satisfechos, como he quedado yo.

by: José Juan López de Briñas (30/07/2020) - Vintage 2006

La suavidad y el punto

Excelente muy bueno, entra muy suave para acompañar pescados y mariscos sublime

Cava Recaredo

Cava Recaredo

Recaredo is and has constantly been synonymous with quality, praised for its fine merits: profound, complex, silky, lively and elegant Cavas, with a lengthy lifetime ahead for the most sublime. These Cavas are made from grapes originating solely from their own vineyards, grown organically and bio-dynamically (both certified), without the addition of sugar (always Brut Nature) and with very long ageing in bottle (always Gran Reserva), using natural cork and with disgorgement...

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