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Bodega Soagranorte

Bodega SoagranorteBodega Soagranorte

Bodega Soagranorte lies in 9 hectares of vineyards, situated on the island of Tenerife and right in the middle of La Orotava (Las Suertes), a famous wine-growing area. The estate extends over lands that vary in altitude from 350 to almost 700 metres above sea level.

The majority of the vineyard site is taken up with centuries-old vines of the Listán Negro and Blanc grape varieties, grown on a multiple cordon system; in the rest of the vineyard there is a mixture of both young and old vines of indigenous varieties (Castellana, Tintilla, Baboso Negro, Albillo), grown on trellises and cordons.

This estate comprises 21 parcels that are classified according to the soil composition, orientation, altitude and temperature; this is in line with the Burgundy “crus”. Every parcel is analysed, controlled, worked, vinified and tasted separately. This means that each individual wine reflects the personality of the terroir and captures the true essence of its vineyard location.

The winery is equipped with stainless steel tanks of differing volume capacity, which enables separate vinification of the grapes from their individual parcels. Casks from Burgundy are also used, which refine the wines while respecting their defining personality.

Soagranorte aims to produce wines with personality, flavour and the individual character of each parcel, improving quality and keeping within the region's viticultural traditions. These wines express the distinctive traits of the land, the microclimates found there, the special features of the Canary Islands' grape varieties, and the part played by the people. Effectively, nature imbues the wines with an extraordinary quality.

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