Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante

Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante


The naturally sparkling Prosecco of Casa Belfi is that of the past, that of the countryside, natural...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Wine Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante


Wine White




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Bottle size

0.75 L


The naturally sparkling Prosecco of Casa Belfi is that of the past, that of the countryside, natural, lively and fragrant; it is created with natural refermentation in the bottle. Excellent for moments of conviviality and perfect as a gift when invited to a friend's house. It has a bright straw yellow color at sight, is characterized by slight effervescence and suspended yeasts. Fruity and floral notes intertwine with citrus scents and flavors of yeast and bread crust, going to compose a fragrant and rich aromatic bouquet. The sip is lively, fresh and savory, composed of fruity sensations that refer to the sense of smell. Excellent as an aperitif to accompany the appetizer.

Food pairing

Da aperitivo / Uova / Sarde alla beccafico / Torte salate / Soppressata



    Tasting notes

    • ViewGiallo paglierino / Velato
    • Bouquet:Erbe aromatiche / Agrumi / Lime / Pera
    • Mouth:Fresco / Sapido / Croccante / Piacevole


    • Optimum serving temperature:Between 4ºC and 6ºC

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    by: giuli39 (16/06/2020)


    A very light, bubbly wine great as aperitif or with desserts. Really enjoyed its flavour and great summer drink!

    by: mrjackster (30/12/2019)

    Gentle fizz but rounded flavour

    It's just such an interesting experience. We were offered it at an exceptional restaurant in Bristol (Wilsons) - as an organic natural alternative to champagne. My wife loved it so much we sought it out. I'm not big on bubbles but I really like this.

    by: Ara Metrebian (21/08/2019)

    Great stuff

    Very enjoyable sparkler that makes a change form supermarket Prosecco. elegant and refined, this wine puts many others to shame and should be drunk with respect. Lovely

    by: Darius (17/12/2018)

    The real Prosecco

    Dry and not sweet at all. Perfect prosecco. Makes the other taste like sweet dishwater. Am constantly ordering this every few months.

    by: Patricia (24/05/2018)

    refreshing and lively

    This is a smooth, unassuming, elegant natural wine which is great to drink on its own or have with nice aperitif.