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Italy white wine, 2009 vintage

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Campogrande Cinqueterre 2009

£37.90 White wine, Cinque Terre (Italy) Campogrande Bosco, Albarola

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Rubbia Malvasia Leonard 2009

£81.90 White wine, Venezia Giulia (Italy) Castello di Rubbia Malvasia Istriana

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Edèlmio 2009

OUT OF STOCK Barrel Aged white wine, Sicilia (Italy) Cantina Benanti Carricante, Chardonnay

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Vie di Romans Prin Freet 2009

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Friuli Isonzo (Italy) Vie di Romans Riesling

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Radikon Ribolla Gialla 2009 (1L)

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Venezia Giulia (Italy) Radikon Ribolla Gialla

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Erbaluce di Caluso 2009

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Erbaluce di Caluso (Italy) Cantina Sociale La Serra Erbaluce

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Cantina Foderà Grillo 2009

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Sicilia (Italy) Cantina Foderà Grillo

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