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Spec sheet

AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti44.0%

The wine

The 19 spices used in the manufacture of this highly individual gin endow it with its unique, complex and well-balanced flavour. The origins of these spices are quite diverse and follow the 17th Century maritime trade route to the Indies. They form a fascinating list: juniper with intense pine aromas, and delicate violet root from France; strongly aromatic coriander from Morocco; sweet and bitter almonds, and fresh lemon peel from Spain; delicious orange peel from Mexico; angelica with touches of menthol from Saxony in Germany; scarce and costly cardamom from India; cassia from Indochina and cinnamon from Sri Lanka; flavoursome liquorice from China; intensely pungent pepper and paradise seeds brought over from East Africa; savory and aniseed also from France; perfumed nutmeg from India, fennel from the Mediterranean and iris root from Italy - the latter highly-prized for its digestive properties and for fixing the blend of aromas in the gin.

Gin Citadelle is based on distilling water and wheat in a traditional copper still, similar to those once used by Carpeau and Stival. Firstly, it is triple distilled in order to obtain the very pure neutral alcohol and this is followed by the infusion of the 19 spices, untreated so as to preserve all their freshness. Lastly, a fourth and final distillation takes place from which only the central fraction is collected and utilised.

What does this wine taste like?

Crystal-clear transparency
Elegant / Balsamic notes / Juniper
Robust / Intense / Elegant / Fine / Crunchy

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