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Discovering Wines Like Malbec

Are you tired of reaching for the same bottle of Malbec every time you want to enjoy a glass of red wine? Certified sommelier Chris Parker has some exciting alternatives for you!

Red wine glass

Greetings to all wine aficionados out there! If you're like the majority of us in the UK, your palate has had its fair share of Malbec — a red wine grape variety that has become as omnipresent as the revered Cabernet Sauvignon

However, if you've ever felt the itch to explore wines beyond the comfortable embrace of Malbec, Spain beckons with its myriad of delectable Spanish wine alternatives.

1. Venturing into the Heart of Rioja

The first on our list is from the renowned Rioja region. The producer in question is La Rioja Alta, an establishment that has stood the test of time. Their offering, Viña Alberdi the Crianza, is the perfect treat for those who adore Malbec with notes of luscious black fruits.

This wine hints at the sweetness of spices, the soft aroma of vanilla, and a dominant presence of Cassis. What sets it apart, however, is its elegance. It isn't overpoweringly heavy, making it an excellent choice for those warm summer evenings.

2. For the Lovers of Rich, Dark Fruits

For those who lean towards a more decadent experience, the wine that should be on your radar is Solanera Viña Viejas. This offering is primarily Monastrell — a grape that in France goes by the name Mourvedre, primarily found in the southern French town of Bandol.

This wine is a rich symphony of flavours, with an emphasis on the juiciness one finds in a freshly plucked blueberry or the richness of a well-made blackberry compote. It's also seamlessly soft with a hint of meatiness, ensuring a delightful journey for your taste buds. 

Given its richness, this wine is an absolute delight in the colder months, evoking the warmth of a cosy autumnal evening or the comforting chill of winter.

The Spanish Wine Adventure Awaits

While Malbec certainly has its charm, the Spanish vineyards promise a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unearthed. Whether you're looking for something to replace your daily bottle of Malbec or merely hoping to add another feather to your wine-tasting cap, 

Spain offers a world of richness and variety. It's a call for exploration — so why not answer it by trying some new wines? Cheers!


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