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Semi-sweet wine

Semi-sweet wines, as their name suggests, offer a certain amount of sweetness but not too much, maintaining a fresh and light character. These are appealing, very easy to drink wines, often served as an aperitif or a dessert wine to accompany pastries and fruit, but also seafood salads, fish such as tuna and salmon, and pasta dishes. A semi-sweet wine contains between 12 and 45 grams/litre of residual sugar, whereas any amount above that quantity would mean it would be properly considered a sweet wine. Some are characterised by retaining part of the carbonic created during fermentation, and this results in a semi-sparkling sweet wine, such as the famous Moscatos d’Asti in Italy. At Vinissimus you’ll find a wide variety of semi-sweet wines, all in a range that’s reasonably priced, just keep them cool and ready to uncork at the first opportunity.

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