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Semi-sparkling sweet wine

Slightly sparkling sweet wine is typical of many countries but especially so in Italy. The most famous is undoubtedly the Moscato d’Asti, a sweet Italian wine known for its intense fragrance, its light body and low alcohol content, and that gentle fizz which reinforces its refreshing character: a sublime delight that gives immeasurable pleasure! Other slightly sparkling (frizzante) sweet wines are Brachettos in the Piedmont, Sangue di Giuda in Lombardy and sweet Lambruscos in the Emilia region. Whether white or red, they’re all light, very fruity and easy to drink. Ideal to serve chilled along with any pastries and tarts, or for the simple pleasure of a luscious aperitif. We can offer you a plentiful and tantalising selection at Vinissimus, so be tempted and make your choice!

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