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Winery Arts

Winery Arts makes its debut in the wine world with an innovative collection of three wines which recall the symbolism of number nine, believed by various cultures to be the number of supreme wisdom: Tres al Cuadrado, Seis al Revés and Número Nueve, three wines carefully made using grapes originating from a selection of old, low-yielding vineyards and which correspond to three different concepts, three styles, all three essential for reaching the required 'fullness'.

Winery Arts is part of the Vintae Group, a new corporate venture set up by José Miguel Arambarri Terrero, a businessman from La Rioja who is passionate about the world of wine and has now been joined by his two sons, Ricardo and José Miguel. Other projects in Spain run by this innovative, creative company are: Maetierra Dominum (Valles de Sadacia), Proyecto Garnachas (Ribera del Queiles y Calatayud), Aroa Bodegas (Navarra),Hacienda López de Haro (Rioja), Bodega Bardos (Ribera del Duero ), Matsu (Toro) and Castillo de Maetierra (Valles de Sadacia).

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