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Terra Remota

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Terra Remota

Marc and Emma Bournazeau, a French couple with Catalan connections, moved to this area on seeing its potential, and brought with them a considerable amount of vine-growing experience. Becoming established in 2002, their estate now comprises 40 hectares of land that includes 23 hectares of vineyards growing a whole host of black and white grape varieties. Lying in a plateau, north of Girona and not far from either the French border or the Costa Brava on the Mediterranean coast, the vineyards are situated in a location that is very quiet, remote and unspoilt. An architect-designed, low-set modern building houses the winery which is equipped with the most advanced technology in wine-making and where gravity is used to help maintain the flow in each production process.

Having placed the winery in the midst of such a naturally attractive area, it is not surprising that an organic form of vine cultivation is in place, with no use of herbicides, and all possible respect for nature and the environment is of paramount importance.

Terra RemotaTerra Remota