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Wine from Dominio de Atauta

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Wine from Dominio de Atauta

The Dominio de Atauta winery is located in the Atauta valley in the province of Soria in central Spain. They own 21 hectares of vines and supervise another 22, meaning they manage around 600 plots altogether at altitudes of over 1000 metres. The winery's goal is to demonstrate the full potential of their pre-phylloxera Tinto Fino vines with ages ranging between 85 and 150 years old. The Atauta valley has a history of over 500 years of winemaking in extremely severe conditions, including high altitudes, scarce rainfall, and huge temperature differences.

The winery's vines grow in a diverse range of soils, but all with the common feature of being based on underlying calcareous rock. Vineyards are surrounded by trees and aromatic herbs, and are home to a diversity of animals. Dominio de Atauta aims to reflect this privileged ecosystem through their wines. To this end they use biodynamic winemaking methods both on the land and in the cellar such as environmentally-friendly organic products and sustainable production methods.

  • Year founded2000
  • Own vineyards:15
  • EnologistBertrand Sourdais
Dominio de AtautaDominio de Atauta