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Cavas Agustí Torelló

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Cavas Agustí Torelló

Agustí Torelló Mata was a pioneer, setting up his own Cava winery in 1959. Ever since then, his name has virtually become a synonym for Cava, thanks to his top quality sparkling wines. The family's commitment to this endeavour and the constant effort and work of an excellent team of professionals have achieved, year after year, the miracle of sparkling wines with a unique personality, producing complex and exceptional Cavas from the very best grapes.

The winery itself is in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, but the grapes come from different and diverse vineyards in Penedès, bringing the complexity of Catalan terroirs to their wines. With an utmost respect for the land and its history, and with an emphasis on traditional grape varieties, Agustí Torelló produces a collection of distinguished and expressive wines, elegantly conveying their local character.

The complexity and harmony the ageing process gives their wines is not negotiable. Proof of this is the fact that they only produce two kinds of sparkling wines: Reservas and Gran Reservas. Grapes are carefully selected vine by vine, with only a small quantity of the best fruit being accepted to ensure the maximum expressiveness of the wine's fruit. This and many other small, yet significant, details are what have placed Agustí Torelló at the forefront of top quality Catalan sparkling wines. A young visionary, from a family of tailors and musicians ... a young passionate, hard-working pioneer, he has seen his dream come true with Cava earning a prominent place in the world of wine. In every sip you take, the bubbles which are slowly created in the depths of their cellars transmit not only the personal commitment and determination of Agustí Torelló but also the intensity of Mediterranean grapes, the strength of the land, and the passion of each vintage.

  • Year founded1959
  • Own vineyards:30
  • EnologistAgustí Torelló Sibill
  • Bottles produced per year500000
Cavas Agustí TorellóCavas Agustí Torelló