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Wine from Castell del Remei

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Wine from Castell del Remei

Castell del Remei is a leading winery of high repute in the Denomination of Costers del Segre, about 40 kms from Lleida. It now belongs to the Cusiné family (Cérvoles Celler), but it dates back originally to 1780 when wine cellars were set up on the Castell del Remei estate by the ancestors of Don Ignasi Girona Vilanova, a businessman with a degree in Agricultural Science from Paris, who recognized their potential at the end of the 19th Century.

His interest and research into French viticulture led to an in-depth knowledge of their grape varieties. In fact, Don Ignasi Girona was a pioneer in the introduction of varieties of French origin, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillón. He studied the production models used in Bordeaux before adapting their methods to his own requirements. As a result, Castell del Remei won many international awards between 1889 and 1907, making it the largest Catalan producer of quality wines; it is still considered today to be Catalonia's top winery for barrel-aged wines.

After Ignasi Girona died, followed by his brother Joan in 1950, the business became a limited company until 1982 when it was acquired by the Cusiné family. They restructured it completely in the early 1990s, by revitalizing the vines, investing in essential equipment, such as new barrels and an up-to-date bottling line.

Covering 400 ha (with 80 ha of vineyards),The Finca Castell del Remei estate consists of a number of buildings, used in the past to house more than 50 families, that nowadays includes the Castle, the Remei Shrine, a restaurant, oil mill, flour mill, distillery, workshops etc.

  • Year founded1780
  • Own vineyards:80
  • EnologistIsabel Marzà / Ivà Gallego
Castell del RemeiCastell del Remei