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Vigneti Massa Pietra del Gallo 2018

Vigneti Massa Pietra del Gallo


If you've never had the pleasure of a glass of Freisa, we're inviting you to do so with Pietra del G...




/ btl 0.75 L

Details for Vigneti Massa Pietra del Gallo 2018


Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2018


If you've never had the pleasure of a glass of Freisa, we're inviting you to do so with Pietra del Gallo. Taste it a sip at a time and become enthralled by this ancient Piedmont grape that has remained inexplicably in oblivion for such a long time.

In the glass it exhibits bright, clear, violet hues and releases aromas that triumph due to their purity and simplicity: notes of violet, cherry, pepper and musk. The palate confirms all its smoothness and tastiness; it is fresh, fleshy and offers a light tingling sensation on the palate which makes it even more pleasant. To summarise, a charming wine, robust, pleasurable but not overly complicated. Perfect for accompanying a savoury aperitif with cooked sausages and cured meats, and an ideal option for those who prefer a glass of red wine before a meal.

Food pairing

Maialino al forno / Tagliere di salumi / Risotto coi mirtilli / Pasta al forno

Tasting notes

  • ViewRosso porpora / Riflessi violacei
  • Bouquet:Viola / Spezie / Mirtillo / Muschio
  • Mouth:Fruttato / Fresco / Cremoso / Polposo


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 14ºC and 16ºC

Customer reviews

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by: Kristi4d (31/01/2019) - Vintage 2016


Signs of secondary fermentation. Strawberrys in the nose and taste. Fresh and levely. Little bit strange but very interesting to try

by: Elias (25/02/2018) - Vintage 2015

Slightly effervescent natural wine with too much of a muchness

Natural wine with a slight effervescence but without the freshness the best of such wines provides. Palet has a savoury character, reminds me slightly of beer (not the least because of the mouthfeel created by the effervescence), with a bitter note - the latter which I usually like but here it contributes to too much of a muchness. In the end a bit of a disappointment.

Vigneti Massa

Vigneti Massa

A real figure in the world of wine, Walter Massa is regarded today as a master of Italian oenology. The land and the indigenous varieties have been a first and foremost mission throughout his life, and his Timorasso wine, an exceptional white from the Tortona Hills, between the Piemonte and Lombardy, has become a cult wine in Italy. An opponent of guides and classifications, Walter Massa has engaged in his work by showing exceptional creativity and great loyalty to the vineya...