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Spec sheet

TypeRed wine
AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti13.5%

The wine

The winery today led by the young Giuseppe Pedrotti boasts a centuries-old family history. Its home is the Valle dei Laghi, in Trentino, just north of Garda. A district of great distillates, but kissed by a climate, at the same time mild and mountainous, which helps produce wines of exceptional character. The vineyards of the Valle dei Laghi are an actual garden set among these magical mirrors of water. The lakes of Toblino and Cavedine, combined with the beneficial wind of the Ora, a mild breeze typical of the area, create the best conditions for elegant and white reds of splendid aroma, thanks to excellent daily and seasonal day/night temperature differences.

Giuseppe, like his father Gino, is an "complete" winemaker, without compromising respect for the land, biodiversity and interventionism in the cellar. His wines are natural, but clean and full of sensations, as well as history. Wines that evoke the dreamy climate of the Castle of Toblino, but that convey sincere, clear, at times decisive aromas and flavours. You can see this in the Vino Santo, Giuseppe’s crown jewel and a product that the family protects and has contributed extensively to saving it from extinction. A Nosiola which is dried for a long time and then aged for over ten years. A masterpiece that, like all Pedrotti wines, respects the principles of spontaneous fermentation and strictly indigenous yeasts.

In this valley, where silence dominates the most peaceful nights and afternoons, Giuseppe owns thirteen different plots, which guarantee him no more than 25,000 bottles a year. Among the local varieties, besides the Nosiola, the Pedrottis grow a splendid Rebo. It is a red-berried grape created in 1948 by the agronomist Rebo Rigotti of the Agricultural Institute of San Michele dell'Adige, crossbreeding Teroldego and Merlot to create a product that combines the gentleness of the perfumes of the former with the structure and strength of the latter.

The Pedrotti Rebo does not disappoint expectations, actually it surpasses them. Here the Rebus variety shows its personal and original character, which produces wines without frills, territorial and extremely enjoyable. Intense red in colour but with persistent cherry nuances, on the nose the Rebus highlights a rustic herbaceous note that opens gradually into a beautiful initially vinous note, then pleasantly fruity and floral. The bouquet’s dynamic and fragrant approach is confirmed on the palate, with its beautiful balance between the structure, which is anything but overbearing, and the tannin, which is stark but integrated. Savoury and caressing, it is at the same time lively, crisp and agile, so much so that it lends itself to varied combinations, from the typical salted meat to seasoned cheeses. Excellent for those who do not like strong reds, but also for those who, even in summer, cannot do without red.

What does this wine taste like?

Ruby red / Riflessi purpurei
Erbaceo / Rosemary / Violets / Cherries / Marasca / Fragrant
Scattante / Crunchy / Fresh / Agile / Tannino gustoso

Drinking and storing

Serve between 16ºC and 18ºC

Food pairing

Meats cooked on hot stone / Cured cheeses / Polenta e salsiccia

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