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Corral de Campanas 2017

Corral de Campanas

Toro (Spain)

Corral de Campanas is an intriguing wine, an absolute delight from the first sip, but also capable o...


/ btl 0.75 L

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Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2017


Corral de Campanas is an intriguing wine, an absolute delight from the first sip, but also capable of whetting our curiosity. It is, so to speak, a wine to reflect on, which gradually comes into its own, in a slowly seductive way.

In appearance, it is not surprisingly a wine from Toro: intensely coloured, bright, dense without becoming opaque, so showing violet hues; still young. On the nose, it is an approachable Toro, of medium to high complexity, intense, warm and fruit-forward as befits a fine Toro wine. It is pleasantly sweetish, with some subtle spicy nuances, of pine needles as well as minerals that lead to an empty bottle before we have even noticed. Its acidity is well-integrated, its good structure and fresh tannins make for a rounded, pleasurable wine that you could never grow tired of. It is not an overly powerful wine, but thoroughly pleasant, generous and well-finished, and comes over as a nicely composed wine to enjoy at any time.

Once convinced of its virtues, we might wonder whose hands have brought this lovely creation to life. On learning his name, we smile knowingly: it is none other than Jean-François Hébrard, an oenologist originally from Bordeaux but with a long and successful career in the Rhone, who was introduced to this region by friends in the profession and who fell in love with and saw the potential of the terroir of Toro, especially those really old vines, away from the river, imbuing their grapes with minerality and complexity as a result of having to penetrate their roots deep into the soil to find water. Thank you, Jean-François.

Food pairing

Cooked sausages / Rice dishes / Braised vegetables / Iberian ham / Salads / To enjoy on its own




    • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 17ºC

    Customer reviews

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    by: #sorsidivini (8 Jul) - Vintage 2017


    optimo Toro , son muchos años que tomo Coral de Campanas , muy poco vinos en esto rango de precios puede con el , siempre què gustes un vino potente y bien extructurado , claro què falta de elegancia pero a 10€ es un gran vino

    by: Inge (13/12/2018) - Vintage 2016


    Ein äußerst spannender Rotwein mit dunkelroter, fast schwarzer Farbe. Neben dem unglaublich fruchtdichten, beerenwürzigen und absolut betörenden Bouquet überzeugt auch sein hedonistisches Gaumengefühl. Der Corral de Campanas ist und bleibt einer der spanischen Rotweine mit dem besten Preis-/Güte-Niveau überhaupt!

    by: Gognol (28/11/2017) - Vintage 2015

    Pas mal

    Vin concentré avec des notes de cerise à l'alcool Je trouve le vin un peu déséquilibré,on sent un peu trop l'alcool. Pour le prix je préfère romanico de teso la monja Plus équilibré

    by: Papa Hemingway (13/02/2017) - Vintage 2014

    Very worth its price!

    A young and sexy wine also for oldies... One of the best jovens from Toro, superb ruby colour and tasteful already matured taste. Goes swell with red meat and pasta.

    by: Angel (16/02/2017) - Vintage 2014

    Vino muy sabroso.

    Buena presentación. Olor meloso, color rubí, sabor muy agradable y con buen cuerpo. Para tomar con comidas fuertes, cocidos, judías blancas, quesos curados...

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