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Italy white wine with moscato bianco, 2016 vintage

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Antonio Pisante Moscato 2016

£7.67 White wine, Puglia (Italy) Antonio Pisante Moscato Bianco

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Rosset Chambave Muscat 2016

£13.18 White wine, Valle d'Aosta (Italy) Rosset Moscato Bianco

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Mola Casa degli Ajali 2016

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Elba (Italy) Azienda Agricola Mola Procanico, Ansonica, Moscato Bianco, Malvasia

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Fattoria del Cerro Manero Bianco 2016

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Tuscany (Italy) Fattoria del Cerro Trebbiano, Moscato Bianco

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