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Risky Grapes

Risky Grapes

The Risky Grapes Wine Co. project starts out with a clear focus on new wine-drinking habits, and young, and not so young, wine-lovers who are looking for new tastes and gastronomic experiences. With this in mind, Risky Grapes have brought out a fascinating range of surprising wines, wines with a typically fresh and flavoursome Mediterranean character and the traditional qualities associated with the best winemaking methods. Wonderful and original wines which aim for excellence while being friendly on the pocket. 

Every bottle of Risky Grapes contains the firm’s oenological magic, and every new wine is a product of their splendid vines and terroirs, and the painstaking control of the fruit’s growth and its subsequent processing. Their production practises have been carefully and precisely worked out, step by step, from the first choice of plots and grape varieties, to the attention they pay to the soil using vegetation covering and other natural methods, and their efforts to recover local varieties such as the Bobal and Merseguera grapes. All their work comes together to achieve their goal of creating wines which delight with a sincere expression of the soils and climate of their vineyards.

The Risky Grapes vineyards are located high up on the Requena plateau, surrounded by hills on the edge of the central Spanish plateau. A landscape between mountains and sea, between the tough continental climate and the mild coastal seasons. The brave local grape varieties do well here, resisting the severe weather conditions thanks to the warmth of the Mediterranean. The result – fresh, organic and sustainable wines with new and original surprises.

  • Year founded2018
  • EnologistToni Sarrión
Risky GrapesRisky Grapes